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Woolworths at Work offers a range of features to save busy operators time and money

by Freya Lucas

June 19, 2023
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Getting the best possible value is a top priority for any business and early childhood education and care (ECEC) services are no exception. At the end of the financial year, the focus on budgets sharpens even more. With the cost of living situation in Australia impacting personal and business finances alike, it’s more important than ever to know exactly where each dollar is going. 

The team at Woolworths at Work understands the unique situation that ECEC services find themselves in. Their goal is to ensure that children have access to the freshest seasonal produce, while ensuring businesses have access to the time saving tools they need, at a sustainable price point.


Features like consistent pricing, value tags, and seasonal produce make it simple for busy staff to find what they need within their budget. Woolworths at Work also offers free next-day delivery for orders over $99, with early morning windows to help ECEC staff to get ready for the day, before the children arrive.


Saving time equals saving money 


ECEC professionals are highly prized for the work they do with children and families, and every minute of the day needs to be carefully allocated to make the most of their expertise. 


To support this, Woolworths at Work has a number of time saving tools, freeing up educators and leaders to do what they do best – focus on the needs of children and families. Some tools include: 


  • A carefully curated range of business products which are tailored to the needs of the ECEC sector. No need to trawl the whole site, everything ECEC needs, all gathered in one spot. 


  • With a line of credit, services can consolidate an entire month of purchases into a single digital invoice. Then, it can either be paid manually or services can set up a direct debit to cut down those manual admin tasks even more.


  • Woolworths at Work delivery drivers are ‘up and at ‘em’ earlier than most suppliers – because they know services need to get sorted before the day gets away. Woolworths at Work offers plenty of delivery windows before 8am to ensure you have everything you need for a great day.


  • A number of powerful reporting tools are available for users to access through a quick and convenient reporting dashboard for more transparency around your spend.


Value tags are signposts for savings


Value tags make it easy for Woolworths at Work customers to identify popular, cost-effective products across the range. Customers can look for tags like ‘large value pack’ or ‘top picks for work’ to help them identify the products that offer great value. 


From nappies to pasta and fresh produce, the common items an ECEC service needs from day to day can be found with value tags to help services save money and give children and families high-quality products. 


Consistent pricing 


To help ECEC services to stay on budget, Woolworths at Work offers consistent pricing on a range of everyday essentials, which eliminates the price fluctuations that make budgeting and forecasting more challenging. 


Without the volatility of promotion cycles, services can budget and forecast more effectively from week to week. The team has worked hard to ensure ECEC services have access to a range of options at various price points, including a national price where possible (excluding meat, milk, eggs and fresh produce.) This enables greater spend consistency for organisations with multiple services across the country. 


No hidden costs


Woolworths at Work takes pride in providing great value to customers, a philosophy that extends beyond just making great products available at great prices. 


There are no bulk delivery fees for large orders – even the ones which need special transportation, or take up a whole truck. 


Sustainable packaging options like paper bags and their premium Bagless to Bench service are all free of charge, and there are no service fees to use the platform. 


“We care about providing value where it matters most,” Jarad Nass, Managing Director of Woolworths at Work said. “That’s why we don’t charge for any service, packaging or bulk order fees.”


Shopping with the seasons also reduces spend 


By choosing seasonal products, services can save serious money, and Woolworths at Work makes it easy by offering an interactive seasonal produce guide in the Discover Centre to make it easy to identify what’s in season. 


The produce guide showcases the fruit and veg that’s ripe and ready to eat, and offers  tips for preparing and storing certain foods to extend their shelf life.


To find out why you should upgrade to a Woolworths at Work business account visit the website and  you can sign up and shop in less than 5 minutes. All you need is your ABN to get started.

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