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Gidget Foundation gears up to help new Dads during Men’s Health Week

by Freya Lucas

June 07, 2023

Men’s Health Week will take place from 12-18 June 2023, and parenting support group The Gidget Foundation is positioning to ensure new fathers are not forgotten. 


The Gidget Foundation supports the emotional wellbeing of expectant and new parents, making sure they have access to specialist care in a timely and appropriate way, and one of the ways in which they achieve this goal is through offering information and services to new dads.


Nearly 50 per cent of fathers are not aware that men can experience postnatal depression as well as women, however one in ten new dads do experience peri or postnatal depression and anxiety. 


New dads can often find enough support in spending time with other dads, their friends, relatives or health professionals. 


However where those networks don’t exist, or worries exist about offloading and sharing concerns, then different strategies are required to ensure making that first approach for help is as easy as possible.


Many dads are afraid of asking for help, but research has consistently shown that parents who receive timely and professional advice have the best chances of recovering more quickly from perinatal depression and anxiety and going on to become healthy parents.


To change this, the Foundation has two Gidget Virtual Villages which are private, moderated, peer support groups one for Mums and one for Dads.


Visit the Gidget Foundation to find out how you can join or access the fact sheets. The foundation provides a range of other support services for dads. Call 1300 726 306 to learn more.

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