Little Scholars gets behind Baby Give Back by tripling donations to Giving Drive
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Little Scholars gets behind Baby Give Back by tripling donations to Giving Drive

by Freya Lucas

June 06, 2023

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider Little Scholars School of Early Learning will host its annual fundraising event today, raising money for South East Queensland charity Baby Give Back. 


Baby Give Back assists vulnerable babies, children and families in the local community to ensure that every child has an equal start in life.


The charity began after founder Carly Fradgley, a lawyer at the time, had completed her family and wanted to pass along her baby items that were still in great condition. She began collecting items and connecting with agencies, and her garage quickly became a makeshift storage shed for the donations received. 


As the charity quickly grew, Baby Give Back moved into a warehouse, and Ms Fradgley is now its full-time CEO. 


Aside from funds, Baby Give Back collects clothing, nappies, car seats, cots, prams and other associated items to support the care of babies and toddlers. To meet  the needs of each family’s needs and circumstances, There is a thorough process to ensure that every item they collect is safe, clean and in great condition.


Little Scholars and The Scholars Group Founder Jae Fraser first heard about Baby Give Back in 2019, after getting married. 


He and his partner requested no wedding gifts, but rather asked each guest to bring a toy for a child in need. When the celebrations were over, he was unsure about where to donate them, when a friend suggested Baby Give Back.


“Our guests were so generous, and after we connected with Carly and her volunteers, we knew we wanted to help. Our personal gift drive inspired us to do the same thing with our campuses that Christmas,” he explained. “It’s the perfect partnership.”


Ms Fradgley said she was emotional when she saw Mr Fraser arrive with so many gifts. 


“When Jae turned up at our warehouse with a car and trailer both overflowing with new gifts, I cried. It was so overwhelming to see so many wonderful gifts and know that I could jump on the phone to the caseworkers who thought their families would miss out,” she said. 


“There were more tears when caseworkers came to collect gifts with many of them telling me that these gifts would be the only things that the children would receive they weren’t extras, it was all they would have.”


Since that time, Little Scholars and Baby Give Back partner together over several fundraising events each year, and the wider Little Scholars community supports as well, with employees and families donating gently used items at each of the 13 Little Scholars campuses.


“We have built a great partnership with Little Scholars over the last five years on a foundation of shared values in both of our organisations striving to give children the best possible start to life,” Ms Fradgley said.


“The financial support from Little Scholars has been crucial to our ability to keep the doors open through some really rough times,” she added.


As well as donations, financial and in kind, Little Scholars sponsors the tee shirts that volunteers wear, and the Family Packs that are given to every family Baby Give Back supports, letting them know that the support comes from the community with compassion.”


Children and families at all the Little Scholars campuses have been busy raising funds in the lead up to the big day. 


“By engaging in charity events such as Baby Give Back’s Giving Day and all-year round, and other events in the community, we not only contribute to the well-being of others but also shape the hearts and minds of our children, encouraging a generation empowered to create a more compassionate and inclusive world,” said Alison Carney, Campus Manager for Little Scholars Ormeau 2.


In order to boost the funds heading to Baby Give Back in 2023, Little Scholars and The Scholars Group will triple any donation made in their names. To contribute please see here

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