Investment Dialogue for Australia’s Children formed to reduce disadvantage
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Investment Dialogue for Australia’s Children formed to reduce disadvantage

by Freya Lucas

May 11, 2023

A number of philanthropic foundations and organisations with an interest in or connection to early childhood education and care (ECEC) have formed a collaboration with the Australian Government to improve the wellbeing of Australian children, young people and their families in partnership with local communities to reduce intergenerational disadvantage.


The collective, its advocacy and its outcomes is known as the Investment Dialogue for Australia’s Children (the Dialogue). Via the Dialogue, government and philanthropy will invest in community-led innovation and reform efforts that make a positive difference for children, families and the communities in which they live.


Investment Dialogue founding philanthropic partners include: 



“We are proud to be working in partnership on this important initiative,” a statement from the Dialogue read. 


“In addition to the Budget commitments made by the Government, philanthropy will contribute $100 million over the next four years to begin the Investment Dialogue, as we work towards a 10-year commitment of sustained investment, innovation and reform efforts.”


All partners have a shared vision of contributing towards an inclusive and equitable Australia where all children, families and communities can fulfill their aspirations, with Paul Ramsay Foundation CEO Professor Kristy Muir welcoming the opportunity for philanthropy and government to work together over the long term to ensure children and families can thrive, no matter their postcode or circumstances of birth. 


“We know that to make a difference, we must work differently: collaborating across sectors and government, in partnership with and led by communities, and in ways that empower children and families,” Professor Muir said.


“We’re proud to be working with the Government and our philanthropic peers. We will be drawing on evidence, the knowledge of service providers on the ground, and those with lived experience of the issues we’re aiming to address to ensure a better future for Australia’s children.” 


The Dialogue, Bryan Foundation Executive Director Matthew Cox said, recognises that many local communities were already showing the way with innovative and effective approaches and programs focusing on children. 


“This is about bringing extra firepower to those efforts, adding value to them and listening to local people about what will make the biggest difference in their communities,” he said. “We see an enormous opportunity in taking a more cohesive approach towards the services that are currently delivered – seeing where the successes and challenges are, working with communities to improve support for local families and also taking the lessons from that experience to inform work in other places. This partnership has the potential to transform the lives of tens of thousands of children across our country.” 


Systemic change will also be a focus of the Dialogue, helping to create a more integrated approach to supporting families.


“This is not just about aligning and maximising our investment into programs and projects, it’s about working in place in genuine partnership with communities to build on their strengths and leverage their insights to inform policy and system level changes,” said Ian Potter Foundation CEO Paul Conroy.


“Everybody wants to see Australia’s children thriving, but we are missing out on the potential to make meaningful headway, in part, because we are going about it in disconnected ways. The Investment Dialogue is about better coordinating systems and investments by putting community and children at the centre.” 


Over the coming months, government and philanthropy will work with sector and community leaders to design and establish the Investment Dialogue processes. This work will be conducted with a dedicated convener within ARACY Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth


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