ARACY CEO Penny Dakin speaks out about Stronger Families, Stronger Communities

ARACY CEO Penny Dakin speaks out about Stronger Families, Stronger Communities

by Freya Lucas

May 18, 2021

As Australia acknowledges National Families Week, acknowledged yearly between 15 and 21 May, National Families Week Champion and ARACY CEO Penny Dakin has spoken out about the need for all Australians to advocate for the best possible outcomes for children and families.


“I encourage you to think about if your family, and your children are getting the support you need,” she said, “and whether the family next door, up the street or on the other side of the tracks is getting what they need…and if they aren’t, speak up.”


Ms Dakin advocated for all Australians to consider what families need to be successful and thriving, and to use the power they hold as voters to help families.


“As elections, state, territory, local government, and national roll around, we can ask ourselves if they are providing the support our family, or the family next door needs,” she said.


“We can ask if we could provide for our children if we lost our job and had to rely on a government payment. We can ask if we can afford to give our child the best start in education and life by sending them to quality early education. We can ask if our schools and hospitals are providing us with the support we need to bring our children up to be happy, healthy members of our society.”


“We can ask for ourselves, and we can ask for others…We can ask these questions and, as part of our democracy – we can act on them.”


Ms Dakin encouraged citizens to become involved in the many events and activities which celebrate families during National Families Week, as well as hearing the messages from other champions