Child Australia’s Harrisdale service celebrates Exceeding rating
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Child Australia’s Harrisdale service celebrates Exceeding rating

by Freya Lucas

May 11, 2023

Educators, children and families at Child Australia’s Harrisdale Early Learning Centre are celebrating having recently been awarded an Exceeding rating during an assessment and rating visit. 


The achievement is even more significant given that this is the first time the long day care service has been assessed and rated. 


Practice Improvement Manager Casey Girdlestone said the rating is “a reflection of all the hard work and dedication,” that has gone into the service over the last four years.


“It’s a reflection of the amazing leadership teams we have had and currently have and all the educators who have supported us in this journey,” she said. 


The authorised officer who assessed the service said it was evident during the visit that the service’s focus was supporting the educators by looking after their wellbeing and ensuring they all have the appropriate tools to complete all aspects of their role to a high standard.


“There is a shared understanding that this focus leads to longevity of staff and their subsequent ability to build and maintain strong relationships with children,” the report notes.


Educators were noted for having a view that children were competent and capable learners, promoting their agency, and implementing an educational program that supports a child-led, play-based approach to learning.


Families at the service are intentionally engaged with to ensure their feedback is included in the program, particularly for children who are transitioning to school in the following year. This, the authorised officer noted, has led to forming meaningful relationships with the local schools.


The service’s approach to assessment and planning was recognised for the way in which it welcomes, respects, and draws on the voices, priorities and strengths of the children and families, along with the way in which the educators’ approach to facilitating learning experiences for children is heavily influenced by educational theory.


Finally the educators’ approach to building collaborative, respectful and ethical relationships with each other, underpinned by the professional standards that guide their practice, including the service’s Reconciliation Action Plan, was applauded by the assessor. 


“We are super proud of achieving an Exceeding rating,” said Sara Hinchley, Executive Director of Services and Programs. 


“We have an exceptional staff team and a wonderful supporting community.” 


To learn more about Child Australia Harrisdale, please see here

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