Little Scientists Australia to host virtual event on neurodiversity and STEM
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Little Scientists Australia to host virtual event on neurodiversity and STEM

by Freya Lucas

April 26, 2023
An advertising banner for Little Scientists STEM hour

Little Scientists Australia will host an event in early May, focussing on supporting neurodivergent learners through STEM inquiry. 


The virtual event, STEM Hour: Supporting Neurodivergent Learners Through STEM Inquiry, will take place on Thursday 4 May at 11 AM (AEST), bringing together educators and advocates to explore ways to make early STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education more inclusive for neurodivergent learners.


Neurodivergent learners include individuals with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, dyslexia and other learning differences. These learners often face unique challenges in traditional learning environments, including STEM education. However, research has shown that when provided with the appropriate tools and strategies, neurodivergent learners can excel in their STEM education.


Dr Lorien Parker, aka Dr Loz, will be featured in the presentation. Dr Loz is a passionate neurodiversity advocate and highly experienced STEM educator who will discuss the unique challenges that neurodivergent learners face as well as effective strategies to support them.


The webinar will also explore the benefits of inquiry-based learning and how it can help accommodate the diverse needs of neurodivergent learners in early learning environments.


Little Scientists Australia believes that STEM inquiry has the power to unlock the potential of neurodivergent learners and is committed to providing professional development opportunities for educators to promote equitable and inclusive learning environments. This event is a part of their ongoing efforts to support educators in their mission to empower all learners.


“As educators, it is important to recognise and celebrate the unique strengths and perspectives that neurodivergent learners bring to STEM learning,” said Lena Hammond, Early STEM Communicator at Little Scientists and host of STEM Hour. 


“By creating inclusive and supportive learning environments, we can empower these learners to reach their full potential. Our goal is to provide educators with the tools and strategies they need to help neurodivergent learners.”


To register for the STEM Hour webinar, see here and for information on the other topics in the STEM Hour series, see here

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