Benevolent Society opens new service in Adelaide
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Benevolent Society opens new service in Elizabeth Vale to support disability care


March 23, 2023
Benevolent Society opening

The Benevolent Society has opened a new service in Adelaide’s Northern Suburbs to offer more disability support in the region. 


There has been a significant increase in people needing disability services in the northern Adelaide area. The Benevolent Society has responded by relocating from its Salisbury site to offer a larger and more accessible centre in Elizabeth Vale, providing for people of all ages, including young children. 


Located adjacent to Lyell McEwin Hospital, the premises will provide purpose-built treatment spaces, a fully equipped therapy kitchen, and large multipurpose rooms for more group-based therapy programs.


The new centre will have 20 staff providing services to more than 250 clients, including children  with complex communication needs. The centre will:  


  • provide options for children to develop social and motor skills to meet their everyday living and community participation needs; 
  • develop plans to help manage challenging behaviour; 
  • assist families to coordinate accessing supports under their NDIS plans; and, 
  • Provide occupational and music therapies to address the physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs which come with disability.


The organisation’s South Australia team runs unique group programs, including school readiness programs, the LAB program, and social skill development programs. These programs have been designed to develop emotional, social and technology skills of children and adolescents on the autism spectrum to achieve their individual goals in a supportive group setting. 


Learn more about the service here. 



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