Woolworths at Work lends KU a hand as part of inaugural ‘give back’ day
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Woolworths at Work lends KU a hand as part of inaugural ‘give back’ day

by Freya Lucas

March 21, 2023
smiling children are pictured in a vegetable garden holding up carrots.

Volunteers from the team at Woolworths at Work recently gave back to the early childhood education and care (ECEC) community, helping out at a number of KU Children’s Services sites to give busy professionals more time with the people that matter the most to them in their jobs – the children and families they care for. 


The initiative also supported the team at Sunnyfield Disability Services, and was a first for Woolworths at Work, serving as a way of making a difference to valued customers.  


Lars Christiansen, a Woolworths at Work Product Manager, volunteered at KU Randwick Preschool  and shared his experience. 


“At KU Randwick Preschool  we worked alongside staff to prepare the centre for the holidays. Not only did we help clean classrooms and categorise books, but we also built a strong rapport and connected with our customers. It was a great event!”


Managing Director Jarad Nass shared the motivation behind the day saying, “Our aspiration for the give back program is to alleviate the pressure on staff to perform menial and time-draining activities so they can spend more time with the people in their care.”


“We all know how busy things get in roles which centre on caring for others ,” he added.


“For our team, initiatives like these are a good way to say we see the tremendously valuable work ECEC and disability support workers do, and to spend some time giving back to those who spend so much time helping others.”


83 dedicated volunteers from the Woolworths at Work team gave their time across both KU and Sunnyside, with Mr Nash saying it was “the perfect way to live up to our purpose of bringing a little good to every business every day.” 


Working across 23 locations in New South Wales and Victoria, the volunteers spent the day gardening, composting and tidying up , also working with members of the Supported Employment program at Sunnyside, filling orders and packaging goods for a range of partnering brands.


As well as lending a hand and donating their time, the Woolworths at Work team collectively raised $2500 for the Sunnyfield Wishing Well – a program dedicated to gifting residents who spend Christmas Day alone. 


With this donation, 150 gifts were purchased for residents, the largest contribution Sunnyfield has received in the history of the program.


Steve Hay, a Woolworths at Work Sales Manager said spending just one day volunteering at KU Rushcutters Bay was an extremely rewarding experience. 


“From tending to the garden beds to chasing down tennis balls, not only did I feel good about giving back but it was also a great opportunity to understand our customer’s business firsthand. It was a day to remember.”


Woolworths at Work has made a deep commitment to partnering with the ECEC sector, with a range of different offerings like an innovative collaboration with Nutrition Australia, which allows ECEC services to access menus and recipes that meet nutritional guidelines while also saving time and helping children to form positive relationships with food. 


The Thrive Through Food webinar series, delivered through Nutrition Australia with the support of Woolworths at Work supports services to develop their growth and knowledge on nutrition. 


Seasonal produce guides are available to help services to shop in season, save money, and serve fruits and vegetables to children when they are at their best. 


To cater for the number of different allergies, cultural considerations and dietary preferences present in ECEC services, Woolworths at Work have made it easier to find accessible options and products through the use of dietary and lifestyle filters (please note: Filters are provided as a guide only, please always check the product label or enquire with the manufacturer before consuming.)


There are a number of options which allow Woolworths at Work to meet the needs of busy services, including dedicated early morning delivery windows, a bag to bench service, and free next day delivery for orders over $99. 


“Woolworths at Work is committed to making a positive impact in our community, and this event was a huge step in the right direction. We look forward to the next one,” Mr Nash said. 


To learn more about how Woolworths at Work can support your ECEC service, visit the website where you can sign up and shop instantly. 

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