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Thrive Through Food: Caring for others begins with you

February 22, 2023 - February 22, 2023

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Woolworths at Work and Nutrition Australia




As carers, educators and leaders, our first priority is often the people we look after day-to-day, but taking care of others starts with taking care of ourselves. Nutrition Australia and Woolworths at Work have partnered to bring you a 60-minute webinar, packed with practical tips for boosting your energy levels and supporting your wellbeing. We’ll cover the impact that food, stress and lifestyle factors have on our energy levels and share practical tips for improving performance and focus at work. Hosted by Brady Dennett, Head of Marketing from Woolworths at Work and Registered Dietitian Anneliese Twigg from Nutrition Australia.



  • Anneliese Twigg

    Nutrition Australia
    Anneliese is a registered nutritionist and project officer in the Nutrition Programs and Services team. In her role, Anneliese leads the planning, implementation and evaluation of nutrition programs and services to promote healthy eating through educational programs, food provision, and the food supply. Anneliese provides nutrition expertise and delivers programs and services to a range of external stakeholders including government departments, aged care, early childhood, schools, workplaces, hospitals and the food industry.
  • Karen Stafford
    Karen is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with experience in private practice and corporate nutrition in the weight management and food industry leading program and menu development, content development and nutrition education and managing large corporate projects. Karen is a passionate project manager committed to delivering programs and services with high impact, promoting good nutrition and wellbeing and educating and empowering organisations and individuals to make positive changes. Her role within the Nutrition Programs and Services team to is manage the planning, development and execution of projects and services.
  • Brady Dennett

    Woolworths at Work
    Brady is a mum of three cherubs and is passionate about health and wellbeing. Her aim is to make it easy for customers to access the best in fresh quality food, healthier choices and provide practical resources and inspiration for a healthier and happier tomorrow.
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