Sound Scouts team up with Guardian to provide hearing tests to children
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Sound Scouts team up with Guardian to provide hearing tests to children

by Freya Lucas

March 20, 2023

Game-based hearing test service Sound Scouts has teamed up with Guardian Childcare and Education to target hearing loss in an innovative way at selected centres across Sydney.


Guardian Childcare and Education will pilot the Sound Scouts digital hearing test as part of its school readiness checks at its Rouse Hill South, Gracelands and St Ives centres. 


The partnership, Guardian CEO Warren Bright said, “reflects the passion both companies share for the care and education of young children”. 


“We are excited to be working Sound Scouts to test children for hearing issues to ensure they have the best chance of thriving, not just in our learning environments, but as they progress into the schooling system,” he added. 


Around one in ten children begin their school journey with hearing loss, something which can affect learning, socialising and overall quality of life if left undetected. Early intervention and detection in preschool and school-aged children is critical, and Sound Scouts is working to ensure no child slips through the cracks.


Almost 60 per cent of hearing loss in children is due to preventable causes, Sound Scouts CEO and Founder Carolyn Mee explained. Currently there is no systematic universal screening for preschool and school-aged children in Australia. 


Ms Mee hopes that the partnership with Guardian will help to “close the gap on an issue that the World Health Organisation believes needs to be actioned to help children reach their potential”.


The Sound Scouts test, which “turns a hearing test into a fun game,” takes less than 10 minutes to complete and delivers an immediate report, including next steps if a hearing loss or issue is detected.


Rebecce Iori, who is the Centre Manager of Guardian St Ives, said for many of the children in the care of the service, the last time their hearing was tested was at birth. 


“Good hearing, like good eyesight, is essential for learning and developing social skills. Having the opportunity to have our children’s hearing checked is another way we can help them get ready for their transition into school,” she explained. 


Ms Mee agreed, noting the critical importance of hearing to learning and communication outcomes. 


“The sooner issues are detected and treatment or management is provided, the better chance a child has in fulfilling their learning potential, not just within the classroom but in all their interactions,” she added.


To learn more about Sound Scouts, see here. Information about Guardian Childcare and Early Learning is available on the company’s website



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