Kangarootime broadens ECEC sector commitment with new business resources and analytics functionality
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Kangarootime broadens ECEC sector commitment with new business resources and analytics functionality

by Jason Roberts

February 28, 2023

Kangarootime, the fast growing child care management system (CCMS), has started 2023 on a strong footing as it seeks to broaden its commitment to the early childhood education and care (ECEC) community through the provision of new business resources and a data analytics package which is nearly ready to launch. 


“As our user community continues to build we have been looking for new and value added ways to ensure that we are providing not just a first rate CCMS experience, but also targeted support from an overall business perspective as well,” Sharyn Fewster, Managing Director of Kangarootime Australia said.


“It is well understood that operating an early learning service is very challenging,” she continued. 


“It’s not only managing the day to day enrolments, but of course staffing, compliance, wellbeing, finances also feature.”


“Given our strong connection with our users it made sense that we live up to our promise of being partners in the true sense of the word.” 


Purposeful, relevant business focused resources prove popular with ECEC community 


As part of Kangarootime’s vision to be more than just a CCMS provider, considerable effort has been invested in developing a set of resources that have proven popular with its user community but also the ECEC sector at large.


“We have spent a great deal of time identifying areas where we believe our customers are looking for additional support to enable them to best manage their organisations,” Ms Fewster said. 


“Each month we deliver a suite of different resources to assist services. This month we will be releasing a “beginners guide to centre economics,” an eight page document focused on highlighting important sector trends and how they impact services, introducing the concept of benchmarking, key profitability levers and more.”


This new guide builds on Kangarootime’s substantial archive of webinars, knowledge articles, blogs and forum contributions, all of which are available on its web and YouTube sites. 


Business resources and education push lays foundation for data analytics launch 


Looking ahead, Kangarootime’s efforts to drive a step change in the range of support it provides for the sector is laying the foundations for Kangarootime to showcase the power of big data to its user community, going well beyond simply being a CCMS provider. 


“As a trusted CCMS partner with a substantial network of users we are in a great position to be able to help craft really valuable insights from the vast range of data that we collect day in and day out,” Nick Roots, Head of Product added.


“Our soon to be launched data analytics tools will put operators in control of their centre’s success,” he continued. 


“With real-time data, valuable insights, and prediction capabilities, the Kangarootime Analytics platform KT Analytics will allow services to make more informed decisions about their businesses.” 


KT Analytics will meet the growing needs of ECEC owners, operators and managers to be better informed about the state of their organisations at a time when multiple cross currents such as inflation, workforce shortages and an upcoming CCS change are in play. 


Learn more about how the Kangarootime team can support your business to achieve its financial and operational objectives or join a five minute platform overview here

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