Navitas Skilled Futures program offers free training to boost staff retention
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Navitas Skilled Futures program offers free training to boost staff retention

by Freya Lucas

February 13, 2023

Navitas Skilled Futures has created a free training program for workplaces across the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector designed to improve communication skills, confidence and the retention of staff.  


Foundation Skills for Your Future is a free government-funded program aimed at combating statistics which show that around three million working age Australians have low literacy and/or numeracy skills and are at high risk of poor employment outcomes.


The program aims to combat the issue by encouraging employers, managers and HR teams across Australia to upskill their staff by improving their language, literacy, numeracy and digital skills.  


Boutique training tailored to specific industries and sectors is developed in conjunction with employers to deliver bespoke programs that meet individual learning and development needs. The average length of the training program is three months, with an average class size of 15 people.   


Employers are encouraged to contribute to the program by giving employees time during work hours to complete the training. Programs can also be delivered onsite or online and are accredited or non-accredited up to the Certificate II level. 


To be eligible, participants must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident aged 15 years and over, have left secondary school education, be employed (or recently unemployed within the past nine months), and not registered with an Australian Government employment service provider. 


“Once a business approaches us for training, our team works closely with managers to identify gaps in their employees’ skill set,” explained Navitas Skilled Futures Executive General Manager, Michael Cox. 


“This allows us to design and deliver a tailored program to improve workforce capability and productivity. The outcome for employees is greater confidence and job satisfaction, which in turn is a competitive advantage for businesses.”  


“After this program [my workers] became more engaged; they wanted to speak with people, to help the business and have more involvement. It led to a happier and safer workplace with employees who felt more connected, could communicate better with each other, and who had a better understanding of their role and business outcomes,” said Hedayat Osyan, an employer who has accessed the program.  


For more on the Navitas Skilled Futures Foundation Skills for Your Future program, please see here

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