Harmony Early Learning Journey launches Cadetship Program
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Harmony Early Learning Journey launches Cadetship Program

by Freya Lucas

January 30, 2023

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider Harmony Early Learning Journey has launched its Harmony Cadetship Program to assist students wishing to enter the ECEC sector with the ultimate goal of becoming early childhood teachers (ECTs).


“Our program is specifically for highly motivated students that have displayed high levels of commitment to their university course,” said Harmony CEO Peter Warner. 


The program will combine support from in-centre staff as well as “expert guidance” to help students reach their career goals.


“We offer flexible working hours to suit family and study commitments, and paid study leave for students whose study course has a practicum component,” Mr Warner explained.


Harmony Early Learning Journey will also offer financial support to assist with undergraduate associated costs, such as textbooks and resources.


To be eligible for the cadetship program, applicants must be studying at university, working towards an undergraduate early education teaching degree and have obtained a pass or above, for each subject.


Five successful Harmony Early Learning Journey cadetship recipients were supported in 2022, and thus far for 2023 13 applicants have already joined, with applications still being accepted.


Harmony Early Learning Journey currently operates 13 centres across Southeast Queensland and Northern New South Wales with a further five sites in development. 


For further information, please see here

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