LineLeader, ChildcareCRM’s new unified system sets new standard in ECEC experience platforms
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LineLeader, ChildcareCRM’s new unified system sets new standard in ECEC experience platforms

by Jason Roberts

December 20, 2022

ChildcareCRM, the leading early childhood education lead management software provider, recently announced the acquisition of US based childcare management software and family engagement app MomentPath in a move that is set to redefine the scope, quality and efficiency of a family’s journey into early learning.  


The new platform, known as LineLeader, will be the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector’s first dedicated parent experience platform that merges two specialist software systems into one unified platform that leverages both of their respective strengths in a way that has not been previously replicated. 


“We are incredibly excited to have announced the acquisition of MomentPath and the launch of LineLeader,” CEO Matt Amoia said. 


“As an organisation we have always strived to stay one step ahead of the technology curve by innovating our platform and our services for our user community.”


“By combining the years of cumulative knowledge and expertise embedded in ChildcareCRM and MomentPath into one platform we feel strongly that we will be delivering an end to end parent experience that is currently unmatched in the ECEC space.”


LineLeader, a new unified, end to end parent experience platform 


Having been founded in 2009 ChildcareCRM pioneered the application of lead management technology in ECEC services and has since established itself as the undisputed market leader with a user community in excess of 5,000 services spread across two continents. 


“Our experience and scale has provided us with tremendous insights as to the direction of technology trends and user patterns across the ECEC sector,” Mr Amoia said. 



“As we emerged from COVID-19 it became increasingly clear to us that our customers were placing a greater degree of importance on solutions that not only helped them grow and manage their businesses but also provided an experience that “surprised and delighted” their customers.”


“This is precisely what LineLeader will do.” 


The combination of ChildcareCRM’s ‘best of breed’ lead management platform with MomentPath’s next generation service management system and engagement app creates a solution that provides families with a high quality, single sign on, end to end experience whilst providing services with the tools they need to optimise their business. 


AU platform to benefit from CRM refresh but overall LineLeader roll out focus remains US


With the completed LineLeader platform now rolling out in the United States, early feedback from the user community has been positive with plans to focus efforts on the US market, a key priority for now. 


“Over the course of the next 12 months we fully expect that 110 per cent of our team’s focus will be on embedding LineLeader across our user communities in the United States,” Mr Amoia said. 


The Group’s Australian operation will continue to operate in a business as usual fashion, although customers who are interested in transitioning to its new LineLeader Enroll CRM product, which includes a number of feature enhancements and a fresh and new look and feel, will be able to do so.


“Having built a deep and trusted network of users and partners across Australia we look forward very much to sharing with them this important evolution in our business and working with them over time to ensure that their needs are met in every way,” Mr Amoia added. 


To learn more about LineLeader please visit it’s website, here. 

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