Killarney Vale Preschool installs large UV indicator to raise sunsmart awareness
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Killarney Vale Preschool installs large UV indicator to raise sunsmart awareness

by Freya Lucas

December 09, 2022

Killarney Vale Preschool has installed a large UV indicator as part of its efforts to support the community and to help the children to develop a deeper understanding of sun safety and how to read UV ratings.


“Over the last few years, the educators have been wanting to share this knowledge with our families and the broader community, to have an impact on reducing the amount of skin cancer in NSW,” a preschool spokesperson said.


“Educators researched and explored ways to embed this thinking and knowledge into our everyday practice and came across a large display UV indicator online that was being used in WA and promoted by Sunsmart and the Cancer Council.


“After exploring the possibilities with WA Sunsmart, the preschool consulted with the children and committee on the installation of this display.”


“Due to the location of the preschool near a sporting oval and next door to the Guides and Scout halls, the decision was made to locate it out the front of the preschool where children can see it through the windows at any time of the day and the community can access it while driving or walking past.”


“The children will be able to check the UV rating throughout the day and be able to make decisions about sun protection based on what they can see.”


The preschool applied for and was successful in obtaining some funding through the AGECS 100 Years of Excellence mini Grant to assist with the cost of the UV indicator.


“This grant gave us the opportunity to be the first on the Central Coast to install this technology and educate our community on sun safety,” the spokesperson said.


The UV indicator is solar powered and will display the current UV index in real time.


It is intended to encourage safe practice by people observing the meter and promote the development of habits to reduce the risks from exposure to environmental UV.


The preschool will also participate in a broader national campaign, whereby the UV meter will provide a geographic location reporting back to the myUVwebsite.


This is an important education component of the ongoing campaign by Cancer Councils to increase awareness of naturally occurring UV throughout the Australian population.

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