Gowrie NSW seeks to revive the ECEC sector with meaningful wellness event
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Gowrie NSW seeks to revive the ECEC sector with meaningful wellness event

by Freya Lucas

November 25, 2022

New South Wales early childhood education and care (ECEC) professionals, as with much of the rest of the country, are under stress. 


From severe weather events to the aftermath of COVID related restrictions, coupled with the ongoing pressures of staffing shortages and a rapidly evolving policy landscape, the sector is in need of some time and space to regroup, and renew its collective energies for another year of supporting children and families to thrive. 


Recognising the need to support Gowrie NSW has curated a specialist wellness event, designed to equip leaders with practical tools to share with their teams in an intimate and thoughtful professional development session known as Especially For You


“We want this event to create a ripple of wellness,” Jessica Horne Kennedy, Manager, Professional Learning explained. “We’ve chosen keynote speakers who have a strength based view, and practical experience of working in the sector, with the intention of equipping those who invest in themselves with the tools they need to support their team, to renew their spirits, and to lead with compassion and courage.” 


To be held in the boutique Seed Spaces in Glebe, the event is limited to 30 participants, to ensure that each attendee has a real opportunity to connect, not only with others in attendance, but also with the two keynote speakers, Sonia Brook – Head of Organisational Development and Design at Mind Street and Catherine Jones – Director of Mia Mia Child and Family Study Centre, Macquarie University. 


Ms Jones will speak from her experience and position as an early childhood leader, drawing not only on her more than 20 years of lived reality as an ECEC employee, but also on her PhD research, which focuses on educator well-being.


She is currently working on several research projects including the 2021 National Quality Framework Approved Learning Frameworks Update project, through ACECQA and a tripartite of Macquarie University, Queensland University of Technology and Edith Cowan University.


Ms Brook will use the perspectives she has gained through studies of education and psychology to bring to life the powerful opportunities which can be accessed when a growth mindset is unlocked. Her keynote will focus on: 


  • Key research findings linking strengths to wellbeing and biases that stop us from using them.
  • Best practices for identifying strengths within us and others.
  • Practical methods for how to embed strengths into our everyday lives.
  • Practical methods and examples for how to create positive relationships and teamwork while using each other’s strengths


“More than just a professional development opportunity, we want this event to be a catalyst for leaders in the sector to say ‘I’m here, my team is here, our wellness matters, and it’s time for us to take charge of that,” Ms Horne Kennedy added. 


Learn more about Especially for You via this link, which also allows participants to register.

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