Two-day summit in NSW will champion the value of the first 2,000 days
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Two-day summit in NSW will champion the value of the first 2,000 days

by Freya Lucas

November 01, 2022

The Brighter Beginnings summit commenced in New South Wales yesterday, bringing together health, education and social services professionals to engage with Australian and international experts, key ministers and executive directors about the Brighter Beginnings initiative, which is designed to ensure the best life outcomes for every child in NSW.  


The two-day summit brings together some of the world’s best professional minds as the NSW Department of Education moves to expand its programs and services that support child development from pregnancy through to the school years.  


Approximately $375.6 million will be invested over four years to expand the Brighter Beginnings initiative, with Deputy Secretary of Early Childhood Outcomes Gillian White saying she is excited to attend the virtual event along with other ministers and agencies, as they collaborate to deliver a raft of game-changing initiatives for children and families. 


“The Brighter Beginnings First 2,000 Days Summit will see some of the greatest minds in this space share the latest research and evidence on programs that support children and their families in the early years,” she said.  


“The first 2,000 days of a child’s life can build the foundations for lifelong health, wellbeing and learning.” 


“Over one million new neural connections form every second in the first few years of life. Brain growth at this time is strongly influenced by what is happening in each child’s environment and the people around them.”  


The initiative is part of the NSW Government’s $15.9 billion Early Years Commitment and is designed to give families the tools, information and support to make the most of opportunities for development every day. 


“Getting it right, early, has lifelong benefits for every child and is the most important thing we can do to break the cycle of disadvantage for vulnerable children,” Ms White said. 


“A key initiative of Brighter Beginnings is to bring developmental checks into NSW preschools in partnership with health professionals from 2023, providing potentially thousands of parents with vital health information that they may currently be missing out on to help ensure the best start in life for their child,” she added.  


As part of the NSW Budget 2022-23, key Brighter Beginnings initiatives include: 


  • Development checks for children in early childhood education settings providing a preschool program 
  • Expansion of the Pregnancy Family Conferencing program 
  • Expansion of the Sustaining NSW Families program 
  • Expansion of Aboriginal Child and Family Centres  
  • Development of the clinical component of the Digital Baby Book. 


The First 2,000 Days summit will run from 31 October to 1 November. For more information on the Brighter Beginnings initiative, please see here

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