Deniliquin High School gets involved in supporting intergenerational learning
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Deniliquin High School gets involved in supporting intergenerational learning

by Freya Lucas

September 27, 2022

Inspired by hit ABC television show Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds, Deniliquin High School child studies teacher Nicole Jenkins has set up a local version, facilitated by her Year 10 students. 


Students will develop a seven week program which will see them facilitate relationships between the elderly and preschool age children through a series of visits with a range of activities.


Orana Residential Care and the Deniliquin Children’s Centre are central to the success of the program, which will be run by the students building on their leadership skills, and supporting them to get real life job skills. 


Deniliquin Children’s Centre general manager Felicity Michael said she is excited for the benefits to all involved.


“It takes a village to raise a child,” she said “it will be nice for our children to have a village.” 


Early childhood teacher Sarah Myatt will lead the preschool group into the program, and said she is looking forward to getting the children back out into the community and interacting with both the teenagers and the older people. 


“I am interested to see their social skills with teenagers and the elderly, which is very different from our everyday life with children of the same age and teachers,” she said.


Speaking on behalf of Orana, facility manager Amanda Cleary Schofield said while the program will focus on development of the younger generations, she said her residents will gain a lot of benefit too.


“I am thrilled to be a part of it, and really excited about the innovation across the generations. Having an opportunity for residents to interact with other generations is part of our human process.”


With many families not having the opportunity to visit, she continued, it’s nice that the residents can form relationships outside of the ones they have with staff, and experience activities they may not normally have the chance to do. 


Already on the cards in terms of activities are suggestions like making name tags, playing games, enjoying a morning tea together, painting, making craft, and having opportunities to talk with one another about the local community. 


Collages of the experience will also be created as part of the program, as a lasting memory for Orana and the preschool.


Although the program is planned initially as a “one off” everyone involved is hopeful it may become an annual event. 


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