FDSee partners with Smart Central to launch new family day care CCS solution
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FDSee partners with Smart Central to launch new family day care CCS solution

by Jason Roberts

September 16, 2022

FDSee, the specialist family day care (FDC) operations and compliance software platform, has confirmed it will partner with child care management software provider Smart Central to release a new branded and specialised child care subsidy (CCS) solution for FDC providers. 


“We couldn’t be more excited to announce this new partnership with Smart Central,” Andy Rolfe, Founder and Managing Director of FDSee said.


“The unique requirements of the FDC sector, combined with our long standing commitment to ensure that all schemes and coordinators have great tools and features at their disposal to enable them to be the best that they can, puts us in a strong position to deliver this type of innovative solution.”


Partnering with Smart Central is an ideal option, Mr Rolfe continued, given its “impeccable credentials” when it comes to supporting the ECEC sector, along with “a 100 per cent alignment in values.”


Darryl Winder, Managing Director of Smart Central said “Our long held strategy has been to partner with best in class service providers and deliver high quality integrated solutions to the ECEC sector.”


“Through this new partnership with FDSee we have combined our collective expertise to develop a customised solution designed to give the FDC community exactly what they need to succeed.”


“FDSee CCS” will add CCS capability to existing operational and compliance framework


The new FDSee CCS offering will serve to complement FDSee’s existing extensive operational and compliance framework which has significantly evolved and grown over the last few years with valuable and informed input from some of the top FDC services across Australia.


“With well over thirty years of FDC experience at operational, management and board levels in our family we are intimately and exclusively involved in the space which has provided us with a real insight into how to create a software solution that actually supports schemes and their staff effectively.” Mr Rolfe said. 


This is reflected in a range of key features on the platform including a fully automated document reminder system, a framework of reports, registers, document management and communications as well as a holistic service view that allows coordinators to be aware of and on top of each educator’s progress and needs at any time, whilst giving managers total oversight. 


“Our users have been asking us for years if we could expand our products to include child care subsidy management, but we knew we needed the right partner to do that. To think we are now able to complement our current platform with a CCS solution, that is of equal quality in terms of features, customisation and customer service, is a big plus for our user community and the setting at large.”


New FDSee CCS to be easy to access through current FDSee dashboard 


FDSee CCS will be a fully modular system enabling users to pick and choose which features they want to use, and not having to pay for those that are not required. Integration with other systems will be logical and evolving, with ultimately very little or no doubling up of any data entry. 


Leveraging off Smart Central’s comprehensive solution, all of their cumulative years of experience, innovation and commitment will be available to FDSee CCS users including a specifically segmented solution for educators that will fully align with their schemes.


“With our experience in the FDC sector we understand how important timely support and training are, and both are integral to the FDSee CCS solution. These elements coupled with the strong reliability of the Smart Central CCS engine, are going to really resonate with our user community,” Mr Rolfe said. 


“With more still to come in our journey to provide a one stop FDC technology solution, we think this step is exactly what’s needed right now given how stretched much of our sector is amidst ongoing workforce shortages and continued heavy compliance and regulatory burdens.”


To learn more about FDSee visit their website.

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