Families as Teachers program makes an impact in Narromine NSW
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Families as Teachers program makes an impact in Narromine NSW

by Freya Lucas

September 02, 2022

The Aboriginal Families as Teachers program continues to make a positive impact across New South Wales by working side by side with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander families with three to four year old children and empowering them to support their children’s developmental outcomes.


The story below is an extract from one first shared by the NSW Department of Education. Access the original piece here. 


Central to the success of the Aboriginal Families as Teachers (AFaT) program is the strong partnerships between AFaT providers and local early childhood services that build trust and connections with local families.


Senior Aboriginal Policy Officer Tanika Harris manages the AFaT program in the Department of Education and travelled across Wiradjuri country recently to visit several of the AFaT programs.


At Narromine Preschool, educators are supported by Catholic Care to build relationships with families who take part in the AFaT program to transition children into the preschool environment.


This connection, Tanika explained, has been pivotal in creating trust and a strong foundation to build relationships with families.


“We’ve been able to witness first-hand the value of the AFaT program and the positive impact it is having in the local communities it serves,” she continued.


“This program provides a crucial service to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents by building their confidence and providing them with the tools they need to support their children’s development.”


Shania Sinclair is a parent at Narromine Preschool who has participated in the AFaT program, which she credits with boosting her confidence as a parent. 


“It’s like a circle of security they offer my family,” Shania said.


“It’s something to look forward to and it’s good to have that backup, that go-to person for support and help if needed. It gives me a strong sense of community, sense of direction and being within culture – I love that so much.”


There are eight AFaT providers across NSW working across 24 locations, supporting more than 1,350 children and families through the program.


Learn more about AFaT here

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