VIT annual registration opens today for early childhood teachers
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VIT annual registration opens today for early childhood teachers

by Freya Lucas

August 17, 2022

The Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) has reminded early childhood teachers (ECTs) that annual teacher registration has commenced from today, with tasks due by 30 September. 


The Institute thanked all teachers and early childhood teachers for their incredible professionalism and resilience throughout 2022, and especially in meeting the ongoing challenges presented by COVID-19.


Teacher registration is important in maintaining professional status and public confidence in the profession, and to provide for the safety and wellbeing of children and young people, the Institute said.


All teachers are required to complete the annual registration process by 30 September each year in order to maintain their registration. The annual registration process applies to all registration categories


This year teachers will receive their invoices in the mail and via email, with subsequent reminders via email and SMS. Invoices will start to arrive from mid-August, staggered over two weeks. Teachers do need to wait for an invoice to arrive, and can login to their MyVIT account and complete registration tasks from today, 17 August 2022.


For teachers to receive all correspondence from VIT, it’s important to keep details current through their MyVIT accounts.


Teachers who no longer wish to teach in one or both categories should login to their MyVIT account and complete a cessation of registration form for the registration type they no longer require. Please note that once a registration has ceased, they will no longer be allowed to teach in Victoria.


Note: If teachers completed their tasks prior to receiving their invoice, please disregard the invoice as it was generated before payment was made.


The VIT’s registration fees continue to be among the lowest across Australia and may be tax-deductible. 


Annual registration key dates 2022

How to complete the annual registration tasks


  1. To complete the annual registration tasks, log in to the MyVIT account. The username is the email address listed on VIT’s system (and is provided by email and paper invoice notification).
  2. Passwords can be reset by clicking on ‘Forgot your password?’ The username is the email address listed on VIT’s system. Teachers will receive an email with a reset password link – it is important to only click on the link once. The email may take up to two hours to receive and may be directed to a junk mail folder. Please note: the link will expire within 24 hours.

    Users should not attempt to set up a new account, as this will cause duplicate accounts and delay the teacher’s ability to complete their annual registration tasks. If users do not receive a password reset link, they should check their junk mail and ensure that VIT has been added to the safe senders list.


  1. Select the orange ‘complete registration tasks’ tile and follow the prompts.


Teachers will receive an email notification once the registration has been approved, and the expiry date on the public register and in their MyVIT account will be updated. Teachers who are due for a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC) or declare a suitability matter, the application may require additional assessment. The VIT will contact teachers directly if further information is required to assess their application.


Registration cards will be issued within 30 business days of registration tasks being assessed and approved, however teachers do not need a card to prove their registration. 


Note: In response to feedback from previous renewal periods regarding a more sustainable solution for the plastic coated cards, the VIT is currently exploring an option for electronic cards in future.


Teachers who have been impacted by COVID-19 and who cannot meet their registration requirements can read about the regulatory decisions taken to ease concerns about teacher registration during the coronavirus pandemic. 


For teachers completing their annual registration tasks, COVID-19 annual registration adjustments have been built into the registration system. Teachers who have been impacted by COVID-19 will have the opportunity to advise VIT of their circumstances when completing registration tasks.


When considering the suitability of teachers, VIT considers the context of whether a teacher may have an impairment that seriously detrimentally affects, or is likely to seriously detrimentally affect, their ability to practise as a teacher. Impairments are broadly defined, and consist of physical or mental impairments, disabilities, conditions or disorders including substance abuse or dependence.


When making declarations about suitability to teach, teachers should NOT declare physical or mental impairments that do not seriously detrimentally affect, or are unlikely to seriously detrimentally affect, their ability to practise as a teacher (e.g. pregnancy, broken bones, provisional registration as a ‘condition’ on interstate registration). 


Extra information is available here

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