ECEC encouraged to support National Pyjama Day
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ECEC encouraged to support National Pyjama Day

by Freya Lucas

July 15, 2022

National Pyjama Day is the major fundraiser for The Pyjama Foundation, which supports children who are no longer in the care of their family, taking place annually in July. 


The “comfiest day of the year” helps the Foundation to raise funds by asking Australians to wear their pyjamas for the day to work, school or early childhood education and care (ECEC) in exchange for a small donation which will go directly towards supporting the Foundation to recruit, screen and train committed volunteers to make an incredible difference in the lives of children in care. 


Statistics about children in care, Pyjama Foundation CEO and Founder Bronwyn Sheehan said,  are heartbreaking. 


“We know that 35 per cent of Year 9 students in foster care do not achieve the national minimum standard for spelling,” she said. 


“One in three children do not meet the minimum national standard for reading and 40 per cent do not meet minimum standards for numeracy.” 


While National Pyjama Day officially falls on July 22 this year, ECEC services can wear their pyjamas and get involved at any time during July, August or September to make a difference.


All registrants receive a free host kit for their fundraising event which includes stickers, bunting, posters, balloons and much more to support a successful event. 


For more information or to register and donate, visit 

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