Storypark chosen as new home for ChildCarers customers
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Storypark chosen as new home for ChildCarers customers

by Jason Roberts

June 28, 2022

Storypark, the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector’s leading pedagogical documentation, professional development and parent engagement platform has confirmed that it has been selected by ChildCarers to be the new home for its customers in the wake of a decision to decommission the platform. 


ChildCarers, which was founded in 2003, has a long history of supporting the ECEC sector, and considered Storypark as the natural fit post ChildCarers shutdown.  


“As an organisation it is no secret how hard we work to maintain our high standards of customer experience, platform quality and user support,” Peter Dixon, Co-founder of Storypark said.


“To know that the ChildCarers community selected us to be their preferred destination is a great recognition of our culture, values and the proven results our software creates. We are thrilled and excited to welcome them to the Storypark family.”


Aaron Upcroft, CEO of the Technology 360 Group, the previous owners of ChildCarers said, “After many months of careful deliberation we concluded as a team that it was in the best interest of our user community to move forward with a plan to decommission the platform.”


“As we focused our strategy towards ECEC workforce management related functions, ChildCarers was not receiving the attention it deserved and as a result a search began for a partner to which we could transition our community to.” 


Storypark was selected by Technology 360 not only because it is the market’s leading platform, but because of its ongoing innovation, its values and the purpose of its organisation, Mr Upcroft added. 


Post the transition, ChildCarers customers have been able to benefit from the more extensive and modern suite of tools available in Storypark, including customising enterprise experiences and reporting, communities of practice, richer documentation and communication options, planning tools and educator capability development features.


“After a period of planning and consultation we worked with the ChildCarers community to create a transition plan that took into account their individual preferences and smoothed out what can be, if not handled correctly, a challenging process,” Mathew Tunnicliffe, Head of Business Development at Storypark said. 


“We have now migrated across the majority of the ChildCarers customer base with feedback received thus far being very positive. We are thankful that we have such established processes in place for helping people migrate off their current platforms.” 


Storypark has in recent months seen a steady increase in the number of services joining its community as service leaders, and educators, recognise the strength of the Storypark offer relative to other platforms. 


To learn more about Storypark visit the website to speak to one of the team or book a demo.

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