Xplor Childcare & Education confirms new senior leadership, outlines ongoing commitment to ECEC community
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Xplor Childcare & Education confirms new senior leadership, outlines ongoing commitment to ECEC community

by Jason Roberts

June 14, 2022

Childcare management software provider Xplor Childcare & Education has confirmed a raft of new senior leadership appointments and an ongoing commitment to the early childhood education and care (ECEC) community as it positions the organisation for its next phase of growth.


“We are extremely excited to share with the ECEC sector our new senior leadership team and our plans for the future,” Matt Varley, CEO Xplor Childcare & Education said. 


“Having been appointed to the role of CEO earlier this year, I have worked tirelessly to bring together a group of professionals that have the skills needed to shepherd Xplor Childcare & Education, one of the early pioneers of ECEC focused all in one software solutions and a strong advocate for innovation and positive change, into the next stage chapter of its journey.”


Mr Varley, who prior to taking on the CEO position had held a number of roles at Xplor Childcare & Education including Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial Officer, added that over the course of the last several years Xplor Childcare & Education has built a formidable network of platforms including Xplor, QikKids and Discover in New Zealand, each of which has unique and important characteristics that need to be nurtured and supported. 


“We have been listening carefully to the sector’s needs in recent months.” 


“We have heard clearly what we need to do to exceed expectations and are fully committed to ensuring that our core business delivers on our mission of making great childcare software for leaders, educators and parents,” he added.


“I am 100 per cent convinced that our team is laser focused on this mission and am looking forward to working with them going forward.”


Three new key leadership roles filled completing senior leadership team 


Since Mr Varley took over the CEO role, he has moved quickly to appoint a suite of new executives that will support the drive to secure Xplor Childcare & Education’s progress in the weeks and months ahead. 


Richard North has recently joined as the Group’s new Chief Commercial Officer along with Heshan Peiras who will be the new Director of Engineering.  Both Mr North and Mr Peiras will be working alongside Shannon Gimpel, who has recently been promoted to Director of Marketing.


“Our new senior leadership team brings together just the right combination of experience, capability and culture to leverage the embedded learnings of our broader customer and product facing teams and drive positive outcomes for our user community,” Mr Varley said.


Benefits of the recent reset of leadership are already emerging with the team’s successful tender to become Only About Children’s childcare management software provider of choice and onboarding being a good case in point. 


With team foundations secured, focus turns to driving more improvements in products


The team at Xplor Childcare & Education have gone ‘back to basics’ when it comes to feature improvements and development roadmaps as they seek to reinject a sense of excellence in their core platforms and products.  


“It has been a busy few months at Xplor Childcare & Education,” Mr Varley said. 


“We have now completed the integrations of Home, our parents App, and Playground, our Educator tool, with Qikkids, which provides a step change in functionality and choice for the educators and families attending Qikkids services.”


‘We have worked very hard on the Qikkids technology roadmap and remain committed to bringing fresh new features whilst ensuring that the user experience for both educator and parent is modern and fresh.”


On the Xplor Childcare & Education front, Mr Varley highlighted the extension of the number of API’s available for reintegration with third party systems, upgraded security and reporting capabilities and extended safety features in Playground such as transport lists & headcounts.


“Whether it be the Xplor Childcare & Education platform, QikKids, or Discover, efforts are being made at every level to support our users in their day to day administrative and educational functions.”


To learn more about Xplor Childcare & Education or book a demo for any of their platforms visit their website

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