NSW Mobile Preschool Funding program will kick off next month
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NSW Mobile Preschool Funding program will kick off next month

by Freya Lucas

June 03, 2022

The New South Wales Department of Education’s Mobile Preschool Funding Program recognises the costs and unique challenges of delivering mobile preschool education in areas where access to centre-based preschools can be limited.


The funding program will commence from 1 July 2022, allowing for the provision of preschool education delivered for the 2 years before school to children enrolled in mobile preschools in regional and remote NSW, where access to centre-based preschools can be limited. 


Mobile Preschool Funding aims to increase the number of children participating for a minimum of 600 hours in a quality early childhood education program in the 2 years before school.


Provision of funding for mobile preschools aims to support sustainable and improved service delivery and recognise the additional costs and unique challenges associated with achieving universal access in regional and remote NSW.


Mobile Preschool Funding program funding is targeted to three, four and five year old children in the two years before school, particularly children aged three years and above from low income families, children from First Nations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) families, and children with disability and additional needs.


Eligibility criteria


The following eligibility criteria must be satisfied by a mobile preschool to obtain Mobile Preschool Funding:


  • Service eligibility criteria; and
  • Child eligibility criteria.


Spending rules


Mobile Preschool Funding is to be used for the purposes detailed below.


Operating expenses of the mobile preschool, for example:


  • Staffing costs, including salary and wages, and professional development
  • Educational resources
  • Vehicle costs, including usage and maintenance
  • Other operating costs including leasing arrangements.


The funds need to be expended in line with the individual mobile preschool’s reporting period (calendar or financial year).


To speak to someone about Mobile Preschool Funding, please contact the department by:


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