Albury City will transition FDC services to Greater Hume Children's Services
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Albury City will transition FDC services to Greater Hume Children’s Services

by Freya Lucas

June 01, 2022

Increased regulatory compliance and resourcing requirements have made it unviable for AlburyCity to continue to offer family day care (FDC) services into the future, with the Council recently announcing that the service will transition to the auspice of Greater Hume Children’s Services by 30 September 2022.


The decision was made as part of a review of all the children’s services offered by the Council, to ensure that the City was continuing to meet the needs and expectations of families and the broader community. 


Albury Family Day Care has been in operation for more than 45 years, and AlburyCity CEO Frank Zaknich sincerely thanked all the educators for the important role they have played in providing care for children in the community. 


Greater Hume Council General Manager Steve Pinnuck said his Council is well-placed to extend its service offering to Albury, and is excited to be able to support and work with AlburyCity to continue to provide care for the children, with minimal changes for the Educators and families.


“Greater Hume Children Services has been in operation for over 25 years and has 54 registered Educators across the region, with the service being enjoyed by hundreds of  children, families and communities,” Mr Pinnuck shared. 


Families and Educators have been advised of the change in service provider, Mr Zaknich saying the two Councils are working closely together to ensure they are well-supported.


“We have been working in close partnership with Greater Hume Children Services to ensure that our families continue to receive the highest level of care available, and that FDC services are available across our communities. In addition, we’ll continue to work together and collaborate on training and recruitment opportunities,” Mr Zaknich concluded.

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