Childcare CRM and Kidsoft join forces to streamline communication through integration
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Childcare CRM and Kidsoft join forces to streamline communication through integration

by Freya Lucas

October 08, 2020

Kidsoft, a leading provider of childcare technology solutions and ChildcareCRM, a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool designed specifically for the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector, have this morning announced the integration of their two systems to streamline communication and engagement between parents and centres.


As a result, the ECEC sector “can now easily harness the power of robust communication tools at any stage of a parent journey,” a spokesperson for Kidsoft said. 


Together, the two companies intend to create “a more efficient childcare ecosystem”, streamlining the experience of communication from new lead enquiry to enrolled child. The integrated platform is available to ECEC services and their families, effective immediately.

Effective communication and engaging and building relationships with parents and families, right from the time of initial contact with an ECEC service, has always been a crucial element of maintaining high levels of occupancy and customer satisfaction in ECEC, but the efficiency of this process is all the more important in 2020, when many families and ECEC providers are facing additional stressors and challenges, and when changes are taking place at a rapid pace.


“We are excited to join with Kidsoft in the effort to streamline the technology a centre uses to engage and communicate with families, while also creating efficiency in their day-to-day operations on the backend,” Matt Amoia, ChildcareCRM CEO said. 


The collaboration leverages ChildcareCRM’s trusted platform to engage those parents and build relationships as well as the power of Kidsoft’s CCS Childcare Management solution, which offers a range of integrated tools including parent solutions, secure payment gateway, enrolment tools, attendance tracking and booking management.


Like many other sectors and industries, the ECEC sector must remain agile and responsive, ready to leverage opportunities to ensure that time is used efficiently, and that relationships are maintained while high quality service is given. 


It’s for this reason, Kidsoft CEO, Di Girvin said, that the provider looked to forge the partnership with ChildcareCRM.


“It’s imperative that to build longevity and to create best of breed childcare centres that put children first, a collaborative approach with experts in this space is necessary,” she said.


“It not only allows childcare centres to focus on what they do best but also provides peace of mind to both educators and families. The seamless integration will not only improve the parent experience but also the educators, in the process saving our customers time to focus on other important tasks.”


Simple three step integration process


  1. Import Data


Kidsoft connects to ChildcareCRM’s API and automatically syncs your waitlist data to Kidsoft creating a waitlist record ready to offer an enrolment at your service. No duplicate manual information required to be entered in two platforms.


  1. Online Enrolment Process


Using Kidsoft’s online enrolment facility, iEnrol, guardians create a secure iParentPortal account and complete an online enrolment form.


  1. Track Conversion Rates Live


Utilise the live insights to track lead conversion with ChildcareCRM and Kidsoft data sync.


More information about Kidsoft or Childcare CRM is available through the links provided. 

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