Sparkways welcomes Nancy Green as newly appointed pedagogy lead
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Sparkways welcomes Nancy Green as newly appointed pedagogy lead

by Freya Lucas

May 30, 2022

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider Sparkways has welcomed Nancy Green to the position of pedagogy lead. Ms Green recently spoke about the value of play based learning, and the role of culture and inclusivity in early learning environments.


 “Evidence tells us that play is the key to everything at this time in a child’s life,” she began. “At any of our 45 services, you’ll see children building sand castles and standing at easels splashing paper with colour. There’ll be little ones making cubbies and singing songs in all kinds of languages and at lunch time, there’ll be diverse food that mirrors home life, like biryani and yummy Halal snacks.”


“Having early years centres amongst communities with such diversity has also been where we’ve been best able to support children,” she continued. 


“Our educators use intentional play-based learning to introduce concepts in ways that connect with a child’s interest but also reflect on what feels familiar at home.”  


“Take concepts like beginning to understand cause and effect – led by educators who are highly qualified to take this play and scaffold formal learning concepts around it – then add sign language for children with minimal language skills,” Ms Green, an educator of 13 years continued.   


“Now, add the ability of being able to greet a non-verbal child in their home language by saying Salaam alaikum. It just makes all the difference.”  


Values based education is also a priority, with a focus on adults modelling care, compassion, respect, understanding and inclusion. 


“It’s about creating a strong sense of belonging for our children and families, celebrating cultures and respecting our diversity,” Ms Green said.  


“Our educators play a vital role in helping children and families feel connected to our centres.”

For more information about Sparkways please see here

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