Three reasons why ECEC leaders are choosing Kangarootime as their next CCMS platform
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Three reasons why ECEC leaders are choosing Kangarootime as their next CCMS platform

by Jason Roberts

May 03, 2022

After a strong start to 2022 the team at Kangarootime, the newest and fastest growing child care management system (CCMS) currently available in Australia, have identified three main reasons why new users are making the decision to switch to their platform. 


“Given the growth in our user community over the course of the last six months it is clear that Kangarootime is hitting the mark with those members of the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector looking for a new CCMS partner,” CEO Scott Wayman said. 


“At a high level we can see consistent patterns emerging as to why Kangarootime is attracting attention as we see more and more customers picking up the phone and enquiring with us directly about the platform and how Kanagrootime can help.”


“It is humbling to know that our approach is resonating.”


Technology, support and culture are the key differentiators of the Kangarootime offer


Owner operators that have recently chosen to switch platforms and partner with Kangarootime consistently highlight three key areas of differentiation that supported their decision to make the change. 


Technology – The Kangarootime system is built using a versatile micro system architectural design that is API ready and fully customisable to create a seamless and engaging user experience that is second to none in the current CCMS market. 


Support – The Kangarootime customer support team consists of sector professionals with years of experience working in the CCMS space and reinforces the customer centric approach to business that has become a key stand out for recently onboarded users. 


Culture – The Kangarootime culture which is centred around kindness, integrity, inclusiveness and gratitude is truly unique in a commercial operating environment and permeates every aspect of the platform’s engagement to make the journey effortless for new customers. 


“In such a competitive environment it is not easy to stand out from the crowd but our relentless focus on the three pillars of excellence (culture, support and technology) highlighted by our customers will underwrite our success going forward,” Mr Wayman added. 


Customer feedback a testament to Kangarootime successes 


A broad swathe of recently onboarded customer feedback confirms the three key ways in which Kangarootime is differentiating itself from the broader market with the consistent themes of technology, service and culture appearing and reappearing. 


Recently onboarded user Casandra Bourke from Good Life Kindergarten & Child Care, said that her previous provider “really lacked their original customer service, and I felt a real shift in their company values and approach to their customer.”


“I felt like my business was no longer a priority to them. I had been with them since 2004 and decided to make the change to Kangarootime in October 2021.”

Since changing Ms Bourke has noticed “the customer centred care feel is back and the prompt and efficient service of the Kangarootime staff is impeccable. I feel as though my business is a top priority again. Please don’t change!”


Another user, Peta Pitcher, CEO API Childcare and ACA Queensland Committee member, said “We moved to Kangarootime from another software provider almost six months ago and have been overwhelmingly impressed with the product; the support through the transition was exceptional and the product has been everything we’d hoped for.” 


And finally Hendi Schwarzer, from Giggletree Management Services, said “I really appreciate the  holistic approach to each issue or question that we may have. The Kangarootime team think outside of the box around how one issue might affect other areas of our business or how an improvement can work across the program.” 


“I just wanted to flag how much this is seen and appreciated,” she added. 


The Kangarootime team remains focused on providing the best user experience


Sharyn Fewster, Kangarootime Managing Director remains very excited about the prospects for Kangarootime. 


“It has undoubtedly been a very busy period for us as we onboard more and more customers onto the Kanagrootime platform but it is thrilling to know that all of our hard work is being noticed by the broader ECEC community through the feedback we are receiving and word of mouth enquiries that are coming through.”


“By taking a considered and measured approach to scaling our business we are in the enviable position of not having to make promises that are subsequently broken once the customer switches over.”


“This is really important to us and as we have seen is greatly appreciated by our user community. We look forward to welcoming more new customers in the weeks and months ahead.”


To learn more about Kangarootime please click here


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