Harmony Early Learning Journey commits to doubling centre network in next 2½ years

Harmony Early Learning Journey commits to doubling centre network in next 2½ years

by Jason Roberts

May 03, 2022

Gold Coast headquartered early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider Harmony Early Learning Journey has committed to doubling its current network of ten centres by the end of 2024 in a move that is expected to cost around $85 million to complete. 


“We are responding to and getting ahead of increasing demand from families seeking premium quality, local childcare facilities in their high growth areas,” CEO Peter Warner said. 


“Australians have been flocking to Queensland at the fastest pace in twenty years recently. Ongoing population growth and demand for ECEC services with a contemporary approach to early learning and development is a key driver for our growth objectives.”


Harmony’s current network includes five centres in Brisbane suburbs, one in the western growth area of Springfield, another south of Logan, two in northern NSW and one, the Group’s flagship and headquarters, at Hope Island, on the Gold Coast. 


In contrast to generalised sector concerns around oversupply Harmony sees the supply demand landscape differently with Mr Warner noting that “the notion of oversupply, particularly in pockets of Southeast Queensland, is not accurate.”


Part of Harmony’s growth plans include a $9.8m development in Burleigh Heads and a $6.93m development in Broadbeach Waters both on the Gold Coast. 


“If you’re strategic in your approach to growth and provide a quality, contemporary service in an area where there’s the right demand for your offer – you will be successful,” Mr Warner said. 


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