Storypark extends market leadership as Nido, PCYC and Green Leaves switch platforms
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Storypark extends market leadership as Nido, PCYC and Green Leaves switch platforms

by Jason Roberts

April 12, 2022

Storypark, the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector’s leading pedagogical documentation, professional development and parent engagement platform, has extended its position as a market leader with confirmation that Nido Early School, PCYC and Green Leaves Early Learning have all switched to Storypark. 


“In the last six months Storypark has seen the largest volume of new customers ever who were already using an alternative family engagement platform and decided to change over to Storypark,” said Co-Founder Peter Dixon.


“We work to make every customers’ set-up and ongoing Storypark journey exceptional so when we ask why they’re shifting the three reasons they consistently give are Storypark’s superior family and educator experience, its highly customisable interface and our ongoing innovation in ways that align with and strengthen National Quality Standards (NQS) areas and Assessment and Rating (A&R) processes.”


Nido returns to Storypark citing flexibility, child-centricity, collaboration as key reasons


National ECEC provider Nido Early School has returned to Storypark after an extended period using an alternative  platform. 


“We were excited to return to Storypark as the child-centric and collaborative focus of the platform facilitates partnerships between educators and families in children’s learning, which Nido values highly,” Nadia Wilson-Ali, Nido Director of Education and Quality said. 


Storypark’s ability to adapt as an organisation, as a platform and in its approach to supporting its community continues to be a key factor in its ability to win the hearts and minds of those who use the platform on a daily basis. 


“We love the flexibility of the platform and how it caters to the unique philosophy and approach of each organisation,” Ms Wilson-Ali added. 


Transition planning, strategy and implementation a key stand out for Nido


Transitioning multiple services across to a new pedagogical documentation, professional development and parent engagement platform is a complex and time consuming exercise but Storypark’s approach, and extensive experience, made Nido’s transition seamless. 


“Nido Early School and Storypark worked together to craft an implementation strategy which we are delighted to say significantly reduced the workload for our services,” Ms Wilson-Ali explained. 


“The overall process felt very supportive. Open and regular communication meant we were confident in the success of the transition and could work through any teething issues prior to the launch.”


“The comprehensive support tools, webinars and the Facebook Support group meant educators were well supported in the transition with materials available and accessible at any time.” 


Parent engagement uplift almost immediate post Storypark roll out


Now that Storypark has been rolled out, Nido has noticed an immediate increase in parent input which has allowed their educators to incorporate the perspectives of children and families into more meaningful richer experiences and documentation. 


“We have enjoyed watching relationships develop between educators and extended family members,” Ms Wilson-Ali said.


“This was particularly poignant for the many families separated due to COVID-19 who were delighted by how they could participate in children’s learning journeys from afar.”


“We’re innovating in service to our purpose, and things like Storypark’s Child Mode, new capability development tools and exclusive inbuilt resources all ultimately help strengthen outcomes for children and families,” Mr Dixon added.


If you’d like to learn more about Storypark click here.

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