Sky Blue CXS and Storypark partner to support deeper engagement with families and communities
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Sky Blue CXS and Storypark partner to support deeper engagement with families and communities

by Jason Roberts

March 09, 2021

Sky Blue CXS, a leading provider of customer experience management services to the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector, has confirmed a new partnership with well known pedagogical documentation, professional development and parent engagement platform Storypark


The announcement of the collaboration comes just one week after Sky Blue CXS announced the launch of a suite of new products, the ECX program, dedicated to meeting the needs of smaller and medium sized providers looking to improve business performance via more effective experience management and signals an underlying momentum for Sky Blue’s unique services.


Tom Scantlebury, Founder and CEO of Sky Blue CXS said, “We are so thrilled to be partnering with such an established and respected organisation like Storypark. I have always felt passionate about customer experience and it is inspiring and empowering to know that Storypark shares our vision too.”


Peter Dixon, Co founder and CEO of Storypark said “We are excited to be working with the Sky Blue team who are introducing a new and innovative service to the ECEC sector. Together, we will be creating a range of resources that we will share with our customers and broader network  in order to ensure that the Storypark community of users has all the tools at its disposal to start to access the power of customer experience management.”


Working together Sky Blue CXS and Storypark will be crafting a range of resources that will be distributed to their respective networks by way of regular updates. 


The areas of focus at this stage will be as follows and made up of both video and article / blog posts. 


  1. What is customer experience management and why is it important
  2. Where does a centre leader start when working on customer experience
  3. How to optimise Storypark to improve customer experience
  4. How to improve CX when you have multiple learning services


“One of the key pillars of the success of Storypark has been its unrelenting focus on enhancing outcomes for children and creating strong relationships with families,” Mr Dixon said. 


“We work to connect and empower the community around children, and enhancing customer/family experience is a key part of this. The opportunity to help the sector enhance their knowledge and skills in partnership with Sky Blue is a really exciting opportunity.”


To learn more about how the Sky Blue ECX program works click here to watch a short video explainer from Tom.


To learn more about Storypark please click here

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