C&K Arlington Drive holds special morning tea to thank families for compassion

C&K Arlington Drive holds special morning tea to thank families for compassion

by Freya Lucas

April 07, 2022

2022 didn’t bring the sunshine many had hoped for – between ongoing COVID-19 issues and the catastrophic flooding in New South Wales and Queensland many early childhood education and care (ECEC) services have struggled to keep their doors open for local families who rely on their services. 


C&K Arlington Drive are no different from many of their peers. Eight of the services ten rooms were damaged in the recent floods, leaving not only a huge clean-up but also a strong need for emotional support for the children and their families. 


Educators were grateful for the support of families and the local community, all of whom rallied to support, showing kindness and compassion to the team, which helped them to not only survive the recent challenges, but to come out smiling. 


Working with the kitchen staff, educators hosted a special breakfast which was attended by local Councillor Matt Constance, to say ‘thank you’ to the local community for their kindness and ongoing support.


While the team’s main priority has remained to support the children, encouraging their resilience and nurturing their ideas and understanding of the world, it was the families who pulled together alongside them to display an elite model of community spirit, Director Peta Bartlett explained. 


“We are so proud of the strong, rich community relationships we have at C&K Arlington Drive and are very grateful for the kindness and understanding families have shown through the challenges of the past few months,” she added. 


“How we respond to situations like these is so important, and I believe together our educators and families have promoted a culture of partnership and kindness that models strong and powerful leadership for our future generation.”


For images from the event please see local media coverage here.