Facebook and telephony integrations next to roll out on ChildcareCRM’s platforms
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Facebook and telephony integrations next to roll out on ChildcareCRM’s platforms

by Jason Roberts

April 05, 2022

In keeping with its focus on innovation, ChildcareCRM, the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector’s leading CRM solution provider, is launching a set of new features including Facebook and telephony integrations. 


The launches are complemented by another addition to ChildcareCRM, drip campaigns. 


This behaviour-based automation feature will empower service leaders and marketers to engage with leads based on how they interact with the texts and emails centres send out, ensuring every family receives a unique and personalised enrolment experience.


“We are very pleased to be releasing these new features at a time when the early childhood education and care (ECEC) community is particularly stretched by workforce shortage challenges as well as the day to day running of their services,” ChildcareCRM CEO Matt Amoia said.


“Everything we do at CRM is designed to make life easier for our user community and these features are no different.” 


“Our new Facebook and telephony integrations and our drip campaign solution are great examples of our relentless commitment to innovation and support.”


ChildcareCRM’s Facebook integration brings services even closer to families


The Facebook integration, which includes communication app Messenger and Facebook Lead Ads, enables services to more efficiently gather valuable leads generated from Facebook and automate instant replies in ChildcareCRM – bringing services closer to the social platform that parents use most to research and communicate with ECEC services.


With the new integration users can: 


  • Capture parent name or contact information as a pending lead in ChildcareCRM


  • Easily integrate multiple Facebook business accounts to capture Facebook leads for each centre location


  • Understand how effective Facebook advertising efforts are by tracking Facebook as a lead source


  • Respond to Facebook Messenger chats directly from the ChildcareCRM inbox or from the family record.


Any leads generated can then be followed up immediately using workflow automations and drip campaigns that are designed to not only engage effectively with families but due to their automated nature, free up time for busy service leaders too.


“With 80 per cent of parents with children under the age of 12 being millennials, it’s evident that this demographic and their social media platform of choice must be central to our efforts to help childcare organisations acquire, capture and nurture new leads,” Mr Amoia said.


Telephony integration a first for ECEC sector as CRM delivers next generation experience


Alongside ChildcareCRM’s Facebook integration capability is a new feature that integrates with telephones, be they mobile or otherwise, to automatically trigger actions like recording inbound and outbound calls and saving voicemails from within the platform itself.


When calls are made or received using this feature, call recordings are saved within the family record for easy future reference. Calls from unrecognised numbers are treated as pending leads so services never miss a phone lead. 


In addition, important data – such as when calls are made, to whom they are made and how long they last is saved, enabling tracking and analysis to occur.


“Adding telephony to the platform is a big step forward for us and our user community,” Mr Amoia said.


“Regardless of how important messaging apps are becoming, when it comes to communications, at some point, phone calls still need to be made and leaving a good impression in conversations with families really counts. Now, staff can be better equipped to deliver quality enrolment experiences.”


“Having access to previous phone conversations with families not only ensures the calls are being made and allows for measurement of how effective they are, but also provides material for assessment and training which is essential for continuous improvement in this vital area of running an ECEC service.”


To learn more about Childcare CRM and how these new features can be of use to your service please see here or to book a demo click here

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