Pierlite combines air safety and sustainability in innovative new air purification lighting solution ideal for ECEC
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Pierlite combines air safety and sustainability in innovative new air purification lighting solution ideal for ECEC

by Jason Roberts

March 15, 2022

Pierlite, a leader in innovative lighting solutions, has released a game changing new product that combines LED technology with an air purification system that not only sustainably lights environments but inactivates harmful pathogens such as viruses and bacteria at the same time. 


The Aether LED Troffer is the first of its kind and a triumph for the team at Pierlite who have worked tirelessly to create an easily installable, practical solution that contributes to two of society’s largest contemporary challenges, COVID-19 and global warming.


“We are incredibly proud of the Aether LED Troffer,” Pierlite’s General Manager – Future Markets Lydell Stokes said. 


“We embraced LED technology a number of years back but combining our LED modules with a state of the art air purification system –  that is most definitely a first.” 


“The beauty of the Aether LED Troffer is that it is so simple to install, is unobtrusive, and helps users achieve important health and sustainability objectives without the need for new safety protocols or management infrastructure,” he added.


“This is particularly relevant to the early childhood education and care (ECEC) community at this point and we are excited to be able to contribute to positive outcomes in these areas going forward.”


Active airflow system built into LED lighting panel is at the heart of Aether success


The Aether LED Troffer contains an active airflow system with a separate air inlet and outlet on either side of the fitting and an air chamber in its centre that easily fits into existing panels normally found in modular ceilings.  


Using a quiet, long-lasting motor, air is actively drawn from the room into the air chamber, where it is exposed to ultraviolet (UV-C) light that instantly kills bacteria cells and inactivates viruses by damaging their DNA and RNA.



The air then passes through a medical grade H13 HEPA filter, which traps and removes harmful pathogens before releasing the clean air back safely into the room. 


“We know that the science behind the system works after an independent study in Germany  verified that Aether is able to successfully inactivate and remove 99.995 per cent of harmful pathogens from the air,” Mr Stokes said. 


“And when combined with the sustainability aspect of LED lighting as well as the ease of installation and maintenance we feel this is the ideal solution for the ECEC sector.”


Early indications show the system is particularly suitable for ECEC environments


Reducing airborne transmission of COVID-19 remains a key priority for the ECEC sector who in many ways are on the front line when it comes to virus presence and management.


“Over the last two years we have watched how COVID-19 has ripped through our communities and we are very aware of how ECEC is particularly exposed to the challenges it presents,” Mr Stokes said. 


“This is a really important use case but we also recognise that ECEC services across the country have significant sustainability priorities right now as well and to think that the LED component of Aether can contribute positively to that is very heartening.”


To learn more about the Aether LED and how it can help your service please click here


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