Frankston Municipal Early Years Plan steps out four years of strong outcomes for children
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Frankston Municipal Early Years Plan steps out four years of strong outcomes for children

by Freya Lucas

March 14, 2022

Victoria’s Frankston City Council has released the Frankston City Council Municipal Early Years Plan (2021-2025) (MEYP) outlining plans to work in partnership with government, services and the community over the next four years to build positive outcomes for children aged from birth to six years of age and their families.


The MEYP will ensure that Council is well placed to facilitate positive outcomes for young children and their families in local communities, by providing strategic direction for the planning, coordination and delivery of early years programs, activities, services delivered by Council, whilst also delivering improved social, economic, and safety outcomes for the community.


By creating an early years specific plan, the Council hopes to achieve the following outcomes and benefits for the community: 


  • Capacity building for families and their children
  • Engagement of key community partners who have clear roles in working towards locally agreed outcomes
  • Provision of long-term early years planning guidance across all council departments, particularly infrastructure planning
  • Articulation of Council’s role in service and infrastructure provision, planning, advocacy and community capacity building across the universal, targeted and intensive service system
  • Informed decision making and maximising use of resources; and
  • The foundation for partnership and negotiations between other levels of government 


The MEYP 2021–2025 adheres to the following guiding principles:


  • All young children are engaged, confident and creative learners
  • All children are safe, cared for and experience optimal health and development
  • Families feel well supported by high quality, inclusive services for children and families in the early years
  • Vulnerability, location, disconnection and disadvantage do not determine outcomes for young children
  • Families are connected to culture, actively participate in community life and can access help when and where they need it


The MEYP is further guided by the following principles:


  • Children’s rights and their voices will be respected, actively supported and promoted
  • Local councils can achieve significant benefits for their municipalities.


“The MEYP is a holistic roadmap for how Council will work to enable positive early childhood development in the municipality, through a whole-of-Council approach in Frankston City,” information from the Council read. 


Download a copy of the Municipal Early Years Action Plan 2021-2025 using the link provided. 

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