It’s Safe Sleep Week - is your service Safe Sleep compliant?
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It’s Safe Sleep Week – is your service Safe Sleep compliant?

by Freya Lucas

March 08, 2022

Safe Sleep Week is back for 2022, acknowledging the importance of safe sleeping environments in protecting infants and young children. Held from 7-13 March 2022, Safe Sleep Week is a timely reminder to early childhood education and care (ECEC) services to ensure they are complying with regulations around safe sleep and engaging in best practice. 


Safe Sleep Week is an annual national awareness campaign held by Red Nose with the intention of saving lives. During Safe Sleep Week Red Nose will provide practical advice to parents and caregivers to help reduce the risk of sudden and unexpected death in infancy (including SIDS and fatal sleep accidents).


In 2022, Red Nose is focusing on the six safe sleep recommendations, a series of easy to understand pieces of advice which reduce the risk of harm to babies, with a particular focus on the accessibility of language around the six safe sleep recommendations.


Throughout Safe Sleep Week Red Nose will explore topics such as: 


  • Why you should always sleep baby on their back
  • Why baby’s head and face should be uncovered during sleep
  • How to create a safe sleep environment
  • Why sleeping bub in your room is best
  • How health professionals can work better with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families
  • Breastfeeding and its benefits
  • Safer co-sleeping.


Safe Sleep Week 2022 runs across Red Nose’s social media channels and website, and includes live Q & A parent sessions, a health professional forum, new updated education tools, videos and more.


For information on safe sleep in early childhood services please see here

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