Quinyx adopts “partnership first approach” through AI arm Widget Brain
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Quinyx adopts “partnership first approach” through AI arm Widget Brain

by Jason Roberts

March 01, 2022

Workforce management software provider Quinyx remains keenly focussed on supporting the early childhood education and care (ECEC) community through its AI arm, Widget Brain. Widget Brain is optimising workforce management capabilities with a keen focus in 2022 on building new partnerships with stakeholders across the ECEC ecosystem.


“2021 was a terrific year for Widget Brain, highlighted by our continued partnership with G8 Education as well as the launch of our sector leading strategic planning tool that enables organisations to capture team demand requirements as far as twelve months into the future,” Andrew Lynch, Director of Partner Tech at Widget Brain said.


“As we look through projected and actual demand in 2022 we are struck by the amount of interest we are receiving from the approved provider community who still remain very focused on workforce management solutions. In addition, interest from third parties such as consulting firms and technology partners are on the rise too, which is terrific,” he added.


“As a key provider of predictive technologies into the ECEC sector, the broadening of interest in our product mix is very encouraging, not just for us, but for the community as a whole.”


Dynamic rostering increasingly accepted as must have tool for workforce management


The benefits of the dynamic rostering smarts that underpin the Widget Brain solution are becoming increasingly understood and sought after as approved providers seek to refine their rosters and workforce planning as best as possible. 


“It is encouraging to see a growing proportion of our customers embracing the full extent of our offer with not just the forecasting and shift creation tools in demand but also compliance validation and auditing too” said Vihan Patel, who leads Widget Brain in Australia. 


“What is clearly happening is that the operating environment, largely due to workforce shortages and increased scrutiny on compliance, is demanding this extra level of sophistication to ensure success.”


The Quinyx platform caters for customers of different sizes, types and levels of complexity with its simple ‘plug and play’ capacity which integrates seamlessly with existing workforce management and childcare management systems (CCMS) when required, while also offering a complete stand alone platform solution if needs be.


Consultancies supporting ECEC sector IT needs a key target of partnership model


As Quinyx seeks to deepen its ties to the ECEC sector, greater attention is being given to cultivating relationships with the many consultancies and companies that support approved providers to design and implement new systems for their organisations. 


“We can see a range of benefits arising from working directly with the many trusted partners of the ECEC community that advise them in this key area.” Mr Patel said. 


“First and foremost we know that effective implementation of our rostering systems can reduce labour costs by between four to seven per cent which would be a very helpful boost to any business case that an advisor may be crafting for a client,” he continued. 


“Secondly, including an AI component within a proposal adds another dimension to the overall project that will not just impress but will also help the partner to stand out in a competitive tendering process.”


“To now be in a position where we can extend our network towards consultancies and IT support agencies is very exciting for us and we look forward to 2022 being a great year for our Quiniyx community and the broader ECEC sector,” Mr Patel said in closing. 


To learn more about the range of workforce solutions offered by Widget Brain please see here

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