Quinyx seeks to build on success in ECEC with rostering smarts
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Quinyx seeks to build on success in ECEC with next generation rostering smarts

by Jason Roberts

October 08, 2021

Workforce management software provider Quinyx has extended its commitment to the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector following the successful implementation of its plug-in rostering tool to G8 Education’s existing rostering platform.


Quinyx is now actively seeking more opportunities to share its cutting-edge technologies with the broader ECEC sector.


“We know just how difficult it can be to optimise rosters in organisations with complex regulatory requirements and multisite networks. Our many years of experience servicing a diverse range of industry sectors, combined with our second to none grasp of next generation technologies, has meant we have something special to offer the ECEC sector,” CTO Berend Berendsen said.


“Following our success with G8 Education, our sights are now firmly set on broadening our commitment to the ECEC sector in Australia and we are really excited to be in such a strong position to do so.”


Quinyx rostering solutions focus on three key areas to support rostering needs


Although dynamic rostering is becoming increasingly understood in the ECEC sector, Quinyx’s feature set offers a unique combination of solutions designed to support forecasting, shift creation and longer-term capacity planning underpinned by their unique A.I. driven algorithms.


  • Demand Forecasting – This algorithm uses historic children’s sign in and sign out data, including no shows and casuals, to predict the number of children in attendance at any given time of day across ECEC provider networks.


  • Auto-Schedule – This algorithm uses the forecasted demand profile to create an actual roster. Built into the algorithm are a range of requirements including lunch cover, programming time, qualification mixes, contract hours and more that are all considered in the creation process.


  • Strategic Planning – This algorithm takes the outputs from the forecasting and shift creation exercises to look as far as twelve months into the future in order to get a more detailed picture of workforce requirements that will be needed well ahead of time.


“Optimising rosters in the current ECEC environment is more important than ever, given just how difficult it is to find staff right now,” Mr Berendsen said.


“We are helping providers to understand their needs well in advance, which gives them that bit more time to recruit and induct if necessary.”


“Unfortunately, the sector’s workforce shortages do not look like they will be resolved anytime soon, hence the value of our longer-term forecasting tools,” he added. 


Flexible integration pathways make Quinyx an easy partner to onboard


Unlike some of the established workforce management software platforms which offer a full platform solution in which their own rostering tools are included, Quinyx offers a simple plug-in solution for its algorithms that can be integrated with any existing platform as required. 


“Our plug-in solution offers customers, like G8 Education, the option of retaining their existing workforce and human capital management systems while benefiting from Quinyx’s sophisticated rostering algorithms,” Mr Berendsen said.


“That being said, we can also provide a stand alone platform too if our customers require it. Our model is flexible and we are committed to providing the best possible solution for the ECEC community as required.”

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