Busy Bees offers 95 per cent parent discount policy for all employees
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Busy Bees offers 95 per cent parent discount policy for all employees

by Jason Roberts

February 15, 2022

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider Busy Bees Early Learning Australia (Busy Bees Australia) has confirmed that it will be offering a 95 per cent discount on gap fees to all its employees who have a child or children enrolled at a Busy Bees Australia centre.


“Busy Bees Australia is thrilled to announce that we are providing all of our employees with the maximum 95 per cent discount off childcare gap fees,” Robert Hughes, Chief Executive Officer said.


“We know that the early learning sector has faced many challenges and pressures over the last two years, and offering this benefit provides us with an opportunity to recognise the commitment and dedication of our employees and invest in their families and long-term careers at Busy Bees.” 


The announcement comes in the wake of a recent shift in Federal Government policy as it relates to the reporting of fees for employees, with Busy Bees Australia becoming the first large provider to extend the maximum level of discount permitted under the new rules to its workforce.


“We want to give back to our employees but we also want to attract qualified and skilled staff to the early learning sector and Busy Bees Australia,” Chrystal Dillon, Head of People and Culture, Busy Bees Australia explained. 


“Part-time employees may now have the opportunity to work additional hours, all employees have greater financial flexibility and those who have been unable to work due to the cost of putting their children in childcare, now have choices and opportunities to start a career.” 


The news has been well received throughout the Busy Bees Australia workforce with educators with young families uniformly expressing their gratitude for the new policy. 


“I had been dropping my work days to stay home with my children more to try and save a little on childcare fees but am now able to increase my hours again,”  Shannon Russell, Lead Educator at Busy Bees Bellmere said. 


“It’s so beneficial for all the staff with children, allowing us the opportunity to work more without worrying about the fees getting too high,” she added. 


Vanessa Morrison, an educator at Busy Bees Burpengary East described the 95 per cent staff discount initiative as life-changing and said “we are now able to save enough money for a house deposit and start our new journey into our very own home,” before adding “we are so incredibly thankful for this opportunity that Busy Bees has presented to us.”


The new policy is effective immediately and available to all current and new employees with children attending a Busy Bees Australia centre. 


For more information about the legislative changes as they relate to discounts on employee gap fees please see here and to learn more about Busy Bees Australia see here .  

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