OAC latest large provider to embrace new parent discount policy for educators
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OAC latest large provider to embrace new parent discount policy for educators

by Jason Roberts

February 01, 2022

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider Only About Children (OAC) has confirmed that it will extend a 50 per cent discount on any fees incurred by educators employed by the Group who have at least one child enrolled in an OAC service. 


The move comes after a shift in Government policy towards the reporting of discounted fees announced as part of the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) update in December which came into effect on 24 January 2022. 


Under the new rules, providers are able to report the gross fees charged, ie: the amount charged to educator parents before the discount is applied, as part of their weekly Child Care Subsidy obligations which in turn means that the full subsidy is received by the provider, regardless of what level of discounts the provider extends as long as fees paid are more than 5 per cent of the total. 


Discounts can be offered any employed, contracted or engaged as an educator or early childhood teacher who is working at a centre based or outside school hours care service and who has a child or children enrolled in the ECEC service where they work or which is owned by their provider.


At the time of the announcement Acting Minister for Education and Youth Stuart Robert said the policy change will support existing educators in the sector, and attract new workers at a time when the sector is battling workforce shortages.


This sentiment by Kathryn Hutchins, Chief People & Quality Officer at Only About Children, who said, “we want to support our educators and team members with their childcare needs, thereby enabling them to provide our families with exceptional care.”


All full and part-time permanently employed Only About Children team members with a child enrolled in an Only About Children campus, will benefit from the 50 per cent Employee Discount on their childcare fees. 


The discount will be applicable for new Only About Children employees from their very first day, as well as all existing employees and will be effective immediately. 


For more information about the changes please see here

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