Early childhood program at the centre of MitCon’s 2022 plans
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Early childhood program at the centre of MitCon’s 2022 plans

by Freya Lucas

February 07, 2022

Regional New South Wales will be sounding sweet in 2022, with big plans by the Mitchell Conservatorium [MitCon] to deepen connections with local educators and the wider community.


Central to the plans will be the creation of more music ensembles via the CONnections jazz ensemble which will be offered for Year 10,11 and 12 students across the community, and the early childhood program, which has been sorely missed by the community during COVID-19 restrictions. 

Classes for both babies and toddlers will be available, MitCon publicity officer Lauren Hagney told local paper Western Advocate


“We firmly believe the building blocks of music are just as essential for early learners and preschool-aged children to learn as swimming lessons or other early childhood education initiatives parents invest in,” Ms Hagney said. 


There will be opportunities for all ages and skill levels to drop in to MitCon for a free introductory lesson on various instruments, with drums, flute and clarinet already being offered.


MitCon executive director Andrew Smith said an additional focus will be on promoting an “all inclusive” image when it comes to music and education. 


“We really want to get into the schools more and help student ensembles thrive again after two incredibly difficult years,” he said.


Mr Smith said MitCon wants to continue breaking down preconceptions that the institution is solely for experienced musicians.


“Music engages many cognitive functions all at once, and plays such a vital role in both students discovering their own identity, and adults looking to learn [or re-learn] an instrument,” he said in closing.


To access the original coverage of this story please see here. For more information please see the MitCon website here

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