CEO of ChildcareCRM remains optimistic about 2022 as Omicron wave fades and leads pick up
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CEO of ChildcareCRM remains optimistic about 2022 as Omicron wave fades and leads pick up

by Jason Roberts

February 07, 2022

After a challenging 2021 which culminated in a protracted outbreak of the Omicron COVID-19 variant that heavily impacted the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector, focus is now turning to 2022 and accordingly owners, operators and managers are turning their attention to attracting new families to enrol their children into their services. 


The Sector recently spoke with Matt Amoia, CEO of ChildcareCRM (CRM) about how overall enquiry momentum is building again, how important it is to adapt to the shifting needs of parents and how CRM is broadening its feature set to meet these needs. 


Early signs are that lead momentum is on the rise as COVID-19 recedes 


Mr Amoia confirmed that activity over the December and January period had been unusually subdued as the combination of seasonality and the rapid spread of Omicron impacted traditional enquiry patterns and lead generation activity. 


“Given the nature of our software platform we naturally have a really great lens into lead flow and demand, as well as enrolments and we are certainly hearing from our customers that things are coming back from those perspectives,” he said. 


“That being said, it remains challenging to staff the centres consistently which then of course impacts the ability to meet the gradually increasing demand.”


Looking ahead Mr Amoia shared his hope that Australia is in the ‘final innings’ of COVID-19 and that 2022 will see a return to an environment that is more “business as usual” – something CRM is well prepared for. 


As demand normalises focus shifts to evolving “Parent Journey” of today’s families


With many families and providers positioning for a return to a more “business as usual” operating environment CRM remains focused on providing the maximum amount of support to ensure leads are nurtured and converted as seamlessly as possible.


“With early signs that the market is starting to normalise emerging it is essential that CRM continues to support the ECEC sector to achieve its lead management and enrolment goals wherever possible,” Mr Amoia said. 


“That’s why this year we have elected to focus our yearly trends and benchmarking report, which provides insights and best practice gathered from across our 5,000 centre network, on the parent journey.  In particular how millennials, who account for over 80 per cent of families currently seeking care, have different behaviours and expectations compared to previous generations when it comes to engaging with ECEC providers.”


The report titled The Parent Experience: Your key to Enrolment Success, highlights what providers need to know about millennials, including ten key characteristics and behaviours, as well as suggestions to leverage the CRM system to meet and exceed their engagement expectations. 


The report is complimented by a scheduled webinar called 7 Steps to Improve Your Parent Experience which will provide a platform to learn more on this key emerging cohort. 


Evolving the CRM platform to include new and contemporary features remains a priority


“CRM has always prided itself on being data led and innovative in its approach to creating new features for its platform,” Mr Amoia said, “which is why we were early adopters in incorporating text and messaging technology into the platform as well as online self scheduling tools for families.” 


“But it doesn’t end there. Millennials expect more digital engagement capabilities than any other generation so it’s incumbent on us to provide them.”


It’s this level of understanding which has led the team to already incorporate a range of automation tools that, with the help of the CRM team, can streamline the lead nurturing process in a way that suits family’s needs and a full suite of personalised email templates available for all users.  


In addition, a new Facebook integration module has been launched to enable providers to capture leads generated from any live Facebook advertising currently being deployed on the social media platform and engage directly with them through messenger as required. 


“With so much going on across CRM it’s difficult not to be excited about 2022, and as an organisation that is in service to its customers, we look forward very much to supporting them to reach their goals in the year ahead,” Mr Amoia concluded. 


To download a copy of the The Parent Experience: Your Key to Enrolment Success report please click here


To enrol on the 7 Steps to Improve Your Parent Experience webinar to be held on the 17th February 2022 please click here

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