Early childhood educators share top transition tips for the Kindergarten class of 2022
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Early childhood educators share top transition tips for the Kindergarten class of 2022

by Freya Lucas

January 25, 2022

Early childhood educators from provider Young Academics have shared their transition tips for the kindergarten class of 2022, designed to help families and educators to facilitate a smooth start to ‘big school’.


The tips include what to practise, the most important social skills, and school readiness “red flags” to support this year’s kindergarten cohort.  


Preparation and a positive attitude are the two most important aspects of a smooth transition, Young Academics Centre Manager, Daniella Filipovic explained. While some of the tips may seem deceptively simple, “familiarity is a friend” when it comes to starting school.


Finding their way around food


One of the biggest shifts when it comes from moving from early childhood settings to the world of school is that children are no longer supplied with all their meals, dished out onto a plate for them. 

School starters will be using lunchboxes and other storage containers, and will also be in charge of what to eat, when to eat it, and how much to eat, with little supervision. This can be daunting for some, so Ms Filipovic recommends lots of practice before the big day. 


Know your name


For most children school means a uniform, with hats and shoes which look identical to one another. Children should know how to recognise their name, to minimise lost possessions. 


It’s also a good idea to have trial runs of wearing a uniform, and giving it a few washes so it feels soft and familiar before day one. 


Practice makes perfect


“In the few days before school, it’s a good idea to do a dry run for the school routine – going to bed at a sensible hour, waking up at the time you will need to for school and packing a lunch box for the day,” Ms Filipovic said. 


Planning meals and snacks for similar times to school morning tea and lunch breaks so little tummies can get used to portion planning…and avoid eating everything by mid-morning and spending their lunch break starving is also a good idea. 


Key skills for school readiness


There are a number of key social skills which can support children to make a smooth transition to school, according to Young Academics. The most important are: 


  •         Ability to following instructions
  •         A developed attention span
  •         Patiently sitting down for group-time activities 
  •         Confidently communicate with peers
  •         Regulating behaviour
  •         Ability to stand and talk in front of peers – such as ‘show and tell’
  •         Willingness to approach and engage in play with others
  •         Using language skills to invite themselves to play
  •         Adapting to change.


More information about the services offered by Young Academics Early Learning Centres is available here

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