Wesley College early learners will benefit from new playground for the new year

Wesley College early learners will benefit from new playground for the new year

by Freya Lucas

January 18, 2022

Children from Wesley College Early Learning Centre St Kilda Rd will begin the new year by enjoying their recently refurbished outdoor play area which provides increased access, safety, comfort and social participation for young learners.


The outdoor play area has been designed to give spaces for vigorous physical activity as well as spaces to engage in imaginative play and interact with natural materials, a College spokesperson said. 


These spaces allow children to spend time together in a way which is quite different from their experiences indoors, allowing them a chance to learn, explore and express themselves while testing their physical skills and abilities. 


In creating the space, designers and educators worked collaboratively to undertake the significant refurbishment and renovation, embracing a growing trend in the early childhood field moving away from playgrounds that emphasize manufactured equipment and play structures to the exclusion of other activities.


Great attention has been given to the use of landscaping and custom-built structures to create a more unique and multipurpose outdoor environment, with the outdoor play space divided into distinct areas, both to ensure safety and to provide suitable locations for different types of play. 


Featuring both sunny and shady places, the outdoor space also has a covered area so that children can get outdoors on rainy days or in the heat of summer. 


“In giving our learners an opportunity to play and explore this new yard we will continue to work with and support our learners to identify how they wish to engage with and play in the space moving forward,” the spokesperson said. 

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