Georges Hall Early Learning and Kinder shares Quality Support Program experiences
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Georges Hall Early Learning and Kinder shares Quality Support Program experiences

by Freya Lucas

January 06, 2022

Georges Hall Early Learning and Kinder Nominated Supervisor, Sandra DiBella and Educational Leader, Ellyn Carr, recently shared their experiences about taking part in the Quality Support Program, resulting in the service achieving a rating of Exceeding National Quality Standard.


Service context


Georges Hall Early Learning and Kinder is a long day care service based in the Sydney suburb of Georges Hall, located on the lands of the Darug and Eora peoples. In mid-2020 the service participated in ACECQA’s Quality Support Program (QSP), which is funded by the NSW Department of Education


When the service was accepted into the QSP, its rating was as Working Towards the National Quality Standard (NQS). 


Key aspects of QSP which drove improvement and change


After entering the QSP, the leadership team at Georges Hall completed an initial self-evaluation of the service and reflected on practice against each Quality Area of the NQS. 


“We found this initial reflection very beneficial, as it allowed us to recognise where we were currently at as a service and where we wanted to be moving forward,” the team explained. 


Utilising the initial self-evaluation as a starting point, the team worked together with the guidance from a Quality Support Facilitator to reflect on the what, why and how in every aspect of service. 


“This quickly became the driving force in everything we do, ensuring we understand our what, why and how within our everyday practices.”


One key focus of support during the QSP was reflecting on the service philosophy and its relationship to practices. 


“As a leadership team, we chose to break our philosophy apart line by line to move towards a philosophy that reflected the voices of educators, families and children.”


“We achieved this by using a philosophy in action form, to provide all those involved in our service an opportunity to offer their views and feedback. Reflecting on the feedback received, we worked to create a new simplified service philosophy that accurately reflected the views and beliefs that were evident in our practice.”


Outcomes of participation in the QSP process


Participation in the QSP program, Ms DiBella and Ms Carr said, has assisted continuous quality improvement as a service. Use of critical reflection was another key element of focus throughout the program, with the team working closely with a Quality Support Facilitator to explore various aspects of service practice. 


“This process allowed us to stop and think about the ways we can critically reflect, using the ‘what, why and how’ approach throughout this process. As a service team we are committed to critical reflection, and we found using the NQS Exceeding themes useful during the process. We feel these important critical reflections contributed to our service achieving an overall rating of Exceeding the NQS, following our participation in the QSP.”


“Participating in the QSP Program has assisted our quality improvement as a service and is a program we would highly recommend. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Quality Support Facilitator. They were very approachable, supportive and allowed us to check in about anything, at any time. We feel a main part of our service receiving an Exceeding rating was due to their feedback, extensive knowledge and materials provided.”


Visit the ACECQA website for more information on the Quality Support Program.

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