Testimonials for FDSee, the leading FDC software provider, underscore why it’s a must have for schemes, coordinators and educators
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Testimonials for FDSee, the leading FDC software provider, underscore why it’s a must have for schemes, coordinators and educators

by Jason Roberts

December 14, 2021

FDSee, the specialist software provider that focuses on the family day care (FDC) setting, has reconfirmed its long standing commitment to be the ‘go-to’ operational and compliance platform for the sector by providing the very best tools and features to support its requirements and a first class customer experience.


“We have worked very hard since launching FDSee to grow, evolve and refine our platform to ensure that it meets the needs of the FDC community in as many areas as possible,” Andy Rolfe, Founder and Managing Director of FDSee said.


“With compliance and regulatory obligations now so onerous and scheme managers and coordinators crying out for intuitive, comprehensive and up to date software support we are emboldened with the feedback we are receiving that our solution works and works well.”


With over ten years experience in the FDC sector Mr Rolfe’s understanding of its specific requirements informed every step of the platform’s build with a community first customer service model underwriting its values and philosophy. 


“We were one of the first users of the FDSee platform and we haven’t looked back since”


This strategy has been a hit with early adopter Annette Steley, Manager of Choices FDC in Queensland who was one of FDSee’s first customers, joining sooner after the launch in 2014. Ms Steley is impressed by how the platform has continuously evolved and expanded to meet the needs of the FDSee community. 


“Whether it be digital visit sheets, notes and reminders, COVID vax registers, easily accessed maps, details on vacancies, instant reports, you name it, FDSee has it and if it doesn’t Andy and his team are so receptive to suggestions that if we ask for something it will be developed and launched in no time,” she said. 


“This makes FDSee perfect for managing our operational and compliance because it is constantly up to date and focuses on the educators themselves. This is quite different from the third party software providers out there who tend to focus on the CCS side of things in the first instance.”


The educator focus combined with the broad range of features not only differentiates FDSee from alternative systems but helps create a reputation and track record that is more than transactional as the benefits accrue to the scheme members themselves, as well as the children. 


“If it wasn’t for FDSee I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing right now.”


The mission critical quality of FDSee was iterated most clearly by Dale Eadie, a previous Educator of the Year who now manages over sixty FDC educators across her Collective FDC scheme in New South Wales. 


“The regulatory and compliance demands for providers are so huge now. It would be impossible for me to manage them without a platform like FDSee that is dedicated to the human side of FDC coordination and delivery,” she said. 


“The requirements are so massive and this platform makes things so much easier.”


In particular Ms Eadie noted that the system was perfect for managing the complexities of an FDC scheme in particular the scheduling of visits and coordination of compliance notifications and updates. 


“I love it because it keeps everybody accountable – the schemes, the coordinators, the educators. It’s simple and intuitive and is perfect for time management. It really helps me and my team manage quite complex schedules which with 60 educators in our network is super important.”


“FDSee was a big part of us getting our second Exceeding Rating”


As well as providing an operational edge for schemes FDSee has also carved out a strong reputation for supporting quality delivery of early childhood education and care programs in family day care settings. 


Sharyn Flynn, Scheme Manager at Kids at Home Family Day Care is a strong advocate for the platform’s quality support capabilities noting that this element was a central one in the scheme recently achieving a second exceeding rating. 


“It is so easy to use, and keeps everyone on track in what is a very administratively heavy sector,” she said, “it ticks all the boxes, particularly in demonstrating embedded practice across the NQS and was especially useful in Quality Areas 2, 4 and 7.”


Looking ahead, the FDSee team continues to look for ways to leverage their experience in the FDC space into their system, one that has quickly established itself as the go-to operational and compliance platform currently available in the sector today and build on its already extensive customer community.


“Our primary objective has always been to ensure that FDC schemes and coordinators have precisely what they need to achieve their operational, compliance and quality needs day in and day out and are now actively pursuing opportunities to support even more FDC schemes, coordinators and educators with our FDSee platform,” Mr Rolfe said. 


To learn more about FDSee please contact Andy here or visit the FDSee website 

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