Dedicated family day care software provider anticipates demand spike as setting recovery continues
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Dedicated family day care software provider anticipates demand spike as setting recovery continues

by Jason Roberts

October 25, 2021

FDSee, the specialist family day care (FDC) operations and compliance software platform, has confirmed it anticipates a spike in demand as the sector continues to recover after a number of challenging years and the gradual ‘return to normal’ post the COVID-19 pandemic.  


“After a number of challenges for the FDC sector over the last few years, and a decreasing number of services nationally, it’s heartening to see some green shoots of growth and renewed energy,” Andy Rolfe, Founder and Managing Director of FDSee said. 


“This, coupled with the unique benefits provided by FDC, is helping provide the conditions and build momentum towards what is increasingly looking like a period of growth.” 


As a key long term partner embedded in the FDC sector, FDSee’s operations and compliance platform is well positioned to benefit from a recovery in attendance and a push by FDC scheme operators and coordinators who use the platform to be as efficient and as compliant as possible. 


“We have worked hard over the last several years to grow, evolve and refine our platform to ensure that it is adaptable and adds value, regardless of the challenges during the pandemic and also in a post COVID world,” Mr Rolfe said. 


“Our primary objective is to ensure that schemes and coordinators have the very best tools and features at their disposal to meet their operational objectives and compliance requirements,” he added. 


FDSee online operational and compliance framework maximises scheme performance 


The FDSee platform includes a range of operations focused features which support scheme managers and its coordinators to operate in a streamlined and optimised manner, saving both time and money in the process, with three key areas worth noting:


  • Increasing efficiency – FDSee is updated in real time and includes a fully automated document reminder system, transparent visit scheduler with reminders and over thirty different types of customisable NQS based reports and check lists for coordinators to use with educators, all of which are designed with efficiency in mind.


  • Demonstrable compliance – It has never been more vital to not only be compliant, but to be able to demonstrate compliance in all aspects of FDC. FDSee provides a framework of reports, registers, document management and communications that contribute to enhanced quality and safe practice. All information is then accessible at Educator, Staff or Service level.


  • Visibility elevation – FDSee’s complete view of the Service allows for Coordinators to be aware of and on top of each Educator’s progress and needs at any time, whilst giving Managers total oversight. This then allows for consistency across the board, especially when coupled with the various communications tools FDSee offers, both to Staff and Educators.


“With well over twenty years of FDC experience at operational, management and board levels in our family we are intimately involved in the space which has provided us with a real insight into how to create a software solution that actually supports schemes and their staff effectively.” Mr Rolfe said. 


NQS quality and compliance focus a key differentiator for the FDSee platform


When it comes to quality Mr Rolfe acknowledged that its importance in FDC “cannot be overstated” and that FDSee is 100 per cent committed to supporting its user community with achieving excellence in their assessment and rating visits.


Whether it be the customised report structure and processes that help to ensure consistency in visit reporting in line with the EYLF and NQS, or the ability to track certificates, training and legislative requirements easily the FDSee provides a framework for embedding and evidencing best practice, setting up services for compliance and ratings success. 


The FDSee platform also offers simple access to records of documentation, training and compliance, as well as ensuring accurate attendance records are kept, in line with Regulation 153 and 154. 


New COVID vaccination status reports round out the FDSee offering, making it the ideal companion for busy operators. 


“FDSee was a big part of us getting our second Exceeding Rating” Sharyn Flynn, Scheme Manager at Kids at Home Family Day Care said.


“It is so easy to use, and keeps everyone on track in what is a very administratively heavy sector,” she added. 


“It ticks all the boxes, particularly in demonstrating embedded practice across the NQS.”


Ms Flynn said the FDSee  platform has been especially useful in Quality Areas 2, 4 and 7 and for evidencing embedded practice in QA1.


“It’s an exciting time for us, and although increasingly busy we are constantly encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive feedback we get from the people that rely on FDSee every day.” Mr Rolfe said in closing.


To learn more about how FDSee can help your FDC service click here

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