Masterchef Alumni Tommy Pham joins Only About Children as Food Ambassador
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Masterchef Alumni Tommy Pham joins Only About Children as Food Ambassador

by Freya Lucas

November 24, 2021

2021 MasterChef finalist Tommy Pham will join early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider Only About Children as a Food Ambassador as part of the provider’s focus on food and nutrition. 


Prior to his time on the 2021 season of MasterChef, where he made it to the coveted top 8 position, Tommy Pham was a kindergarten teacher, and he believes his new role will support him to help children develop lifelong eating habits and a positive relationship with food. 


“Not only is healthy eating vitally important for a child’s physical and mental development, but there are countless educational opportunities to be explored through food-related experiences,” Mr Pham said. 


As Only About Children’s Food Ambassador, Tommy Pham will also share family-friendly recipes, cooking workshops and how-to videos with Only About Children families. 


“Our partnership with Tommy Pham as Only About Children’s Food Ambassador is all about helping children learn about healthy eating which is a crucial part of a child’s physical and mental development,” saidOnly About Children representative Veronika Makiv. 


“Children form lifelong eating patterns by the time they reach school age, so we place importance on building a healthy relationship between children and food. We do this through learning about different types of foods, cooking and sustainability practices as well as the way we serve and share meals in small groups, family style.” 


“With Tommy’s MasterChef experience combined with his teaching background, we look forward to immersing his love of food and teaching through the experiences we will share with our children, families and educators. “


Mr Pham’s recipes will form part of Only About Children’s curriculum cooking experiences as well as supporting the overarching nutrition offering for the provider, who engages accredited dietitians to create mindful and nutritious menus for all campuses, as well as to provide holistic health advice to Only About Children educators, children and their families. 


To learn more about Only About Children please see here

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